Welcoming August || Recap of July



Happy belated new month babes, yes, I am going with babes now…LOL

Its funny how a new month just makes you feel the urge to make new goals and achieve new things, but it’s a good feeling, it makes you feel better about your life and it makes you feel like you have plans.


July was not a really great month for me, it had a lot of dark days and it seemed awfully long. It was a loose more, win less kind of month and as much as it was low, I learnt really valuable lessons.


It was one of those months you learn lessons that can take you through life…LOL…now I am exaggerating, but now that I look back, I see it.

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In July, I grew an understanding of God and my relationship with Him, the low days brought an urge to get closer and it really sucks that I had to wait for the bad to want more of Him but things happen for a reason.

I also was able to realize a lot of things concerning my life. Like an eye opening towards the steps you have to take, key steps in fact. I realized that no matter how far fetched and how crazy your dreams might seem, it is possible to achieve, and you owe it to yourself to make every single day a step forward towards the big goal.





I recently adopted the habit of applying the spiritual significance of every month to my view of life and the steps I take during that month. For August, it’s new beginnings and after July and how it was for me, new beginnings definitely apply.

I have made realistic decisions to actually try new things and take steps beneficial to fulfilling my purpose. For my blog, I intend to do more. It might sound vain or like I am bragging, but I am certain I have a lot to offer. Yesterday during a prayer meeting at my church, there was a prayer raised about breaking free, I prayed like my life depended on it and now, I see the relevance.


It is really up to us to be victorious and if we sit around looking at the limitations, we won’t get very far.

A few months ago, I and a friend made a decision to start a planner and right now, it has been placed as a priority. Yes, the first stage is difficult but what is the end goal?

There are a lot of ideas and it is not enough to just talk about them and imagine how it will look accomplished, rather than talk, active steps are important for anything to grow.

I decided to start up an #armorupaugust challenge on my social media towards my choices and decisions this month. I am walking in with the mindset of war. Feel free to join the armor up, would love it. Also, mention me when you do.



So babes, expect to see more and hear more and learn more because it is time to take things serious. We have stayed too long in comfort, and at the end you will find that your dream was worth the hustle and more.







Thanks for stopping by babes








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