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I feel so happy that I am posting today because it feels like I am finally getting back on the stable wagon. As the title says, this is a blogging tip. Based on you guys’ response to the recent survey and also adding the fact that I recently embarked on another very much needed blogging research and I stumbled upon an awesome package, I decided to put up a blogging tip post.

Also, if you havent done the survey yet, I will be leaving the link to the survey post down below. Please like this post and also feel free to share your opinions and ask questions.

In every business, the phase of customer profiling is one to be taken seriously as it gives you; as a business owner, an insight to what/who your average customer is. This can also be applicable to your blog, so please take some notes.
The 5w’s are key to profiling your average reader as it treats not only their interests in your blog but their personal life as well.


WHO: name, age, interests, personality, beliefs, politics and hobbies. All these are important to having a general idea to who reads your blog and characteristics they have that make them find interest in your blog.

WHERE: this aspects deals with the environment your reader resides in. Environment is one factor that influences people’s interests. Does your reader visit your blog because she finds a solution regarding situations in the environment they are surrounded by? You also have to look into the reader’s work life. Lets take for instance, your average reader works in a fashion industry and you are a fashion blogger, you are able to know the reason for the interest in your blog and this directs your post to always make sure your blog delivers on the top trends.

WHAT: (career aspirations, personal life). Career aspirations always links into personal life. The what with putting in place your reader’s hobbies, personality, and politics would help your categorize their what? A lot of times, career and personal life leads prompts your reader to read your blog. He/She gets some sort of solution from your post because it address tips or it relates to their career growth and their personal life.

WHEN: when does this reader visit your blog. Observing closely reactions to posts by your readers and your posting schedule helps you narrow down the when your reader logs onto your blog.

WHY: How consistent is your average reader? This helps you narrow donw the why and in a long run helps in the creation of your posts.


so…I bid you farewell for now. Its scanty, I know, but show support.
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