Hey guysss, yes yes, its my birthday today and yes i’m doing the cliche birthday post because this is one opportunity to talk myself up, if you know what I mean, yea.

So it’s a normal day for me actually, I am at work, feeling bored and sharing with you guys. I mentioned a few times how special this birthday feels because it’s deja vu for me actually. My birth year; 1995 is repeating itself in 2017 so this is like the actual day my mom forced me out because I was already bothering her…lool. If you don’t believe me, I will show you evidence that 1995 and 2017 are totally repeating themselves.


Thank you guys for coming today on the blog to celebrate with me…note, make promises you can fulfill because I will hold you to it. So let’s get to the post.

This year has been so revealing for me, I opened myself to possibilities, I opened my blog to possibilities and I have also been able to put a name to what I actually want to do with my life. This year has been like an emotional roller coaster for me, I have practically experienced almost every emotion and I am drained for now and I am content with just feeling happy.

One important thing I have learnt this year is the value of friendship. I have always been guilty of forgetting to keep in touch with my friends. I used to think I didn’t have enough or the ying to my yang friends but the problem is actually with me, I find it very hard to maintain that familiarity with my friends and its something I am working on. I mean I am going as far as keeping reminders on my phone to check on my friends because that’s a sure way to build the routine.

My spiritual life grew a lot this year. I fell a lot and I got back up a lot but this time, I realized how essential it is to have a relationship with God. My spiritual life is no where near perfect but I am also in the process of perfecting it. I have struggled with a bad habit for a long time, to some people it is a normal thing but with my upbringing and my understanding of the word of God, I realized it is not something I should take pride in. Surviving this long with this habit only lets me know that grace is real and people have different levels of grace.

I also learnt to and I am still learning to love myself and love my skin. To be sincere guys, I have always struggled with inferiority complex, I belittled myself a lot because I always saw the imperfections whenever I looked at myself. I hated my body for a long time and I still struggle with that hate from time to time but I have come to realize that loving myself for me is the best love that there is; right after God’s love for me. I preferred to stay indoors because I was so sure of people looking at me weird and not liking me, but I decided to learn to love myself. Hearing of people taking their lives because they didn’t love their skin or love themselves or were even hearing the sounds of people mocking them in their head made me realize that I was worth more and it takes only me to see that.

Its crazy hard to break out of that habit, I acknowledge that. Most people feel it just takes to loose weight or go out more but that is a lie. It becomes a mental state that gets hard to break.

Another discovery I have made is my love for designing and creating. The creating part I knew but the designing part completely caught me by surprise. One thing I have realized is my purpose of empowering creativity. I know what it feels like to keep things locked in because of the fear of what people might say or people’s lack of understanding but then I got over that. I decided that it took me to make people understand and see the positive part of my aspirations. My career to inspire and empower creativity is something that starts with different aspects. I take pride in creating these parts with the blog, motivational Monday, inspire week and readers’ day. Yes, there were doubts during the creations of these aspects but all I saw was the finish line.

One creation I am baffled about is the Readers’ Day. I was  blown away when people actually wanted to partake and this experience got me 3 beautiful friends who have helped me realize certain things and have been the best company ever. Thank you guys…

You guys continually supporting me and my dreams makes me feel all kinds of good and I am grateful because I know that I would have gone weary if I didn’t have support.

I want to let you guys know that you should never demean something you created. A lot of times, we determine the success of our creations based on people’s reactions when they view that creation. Yes, the opinions of people is the best critic there is but when you struggle so much and invest so much only for people to demean your effort or influence you to demean your effort, that’s bull…

Yes, we are never perfect at the start but there is a big difference between belittling someone’s effort and giving constructive criticism.

One thing I wish I could take back is my lack of patience. I have grown to have patience for things that matter because I have understood that everything in life is a process and one stage/phase has to be completed before another can begin.

So that’s pretty much it for now guys…

Thanks for stopping by

I would definitely love to hear from you guys and get birthday wishes…loool, so reach out in the comment section and keep the conversation going.

Also, to be a part of the Readers’ Day, comment “IN” and your Instagram name and let’s chat.





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