MENTAL/EMOTIONAL SELF-CARE || Five Stages of Therapeutic Self-Care

Hey guyss, I really apologize for putting this up late but compiling was taking longer than usual and I had to put this up today unfailingly. I trust you are having a lovely day.
Last week, I shared on a stage of Therapeutic Self-Care here and today we will be moving on to the next one.

Mental/Emotional Self Care.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Like I said last week, all five stages of therapeutic self-care are important so this should be taken seriously.
With Mental/Emotional Self-Care, there are 6 major factors that should be emphasized:
1. Positive Self Talk.

Most people might not see so but confession goes a long way in influencing our mentality and emotions. It is important to confess positivity into your life. The tongue is very powerful, so much so that it influences our life’s and its events.

Its important that we self motivate, self encourage, and hype ourselves with positive words.

2. Positive Beliefs.

One thing that stands against the dominance of this belief is the lack of trust. The absence of trust leads us to expect the worst from people..

Now, I’m not saying you should be so foolish to belive the notion that everyone is good, because there are obvious bads in the world. Just eliminate that distrust amongst your innet circle and create a space for observation.

Even in personal situations, we should learn to see the silver lining admits the grey clouds.

3 Feeling one’s feelings.

I truly believe that the only way to truly comfort someone is to let yourself be so vulnerable that you are able to tap into that feeling and put yourself in the individual’s condition.

I always had a problem of being too awkward with comforting someone especially in a bad situation because I just couldn’t tap into what that person was feeling.

Yes, its better to keep yourself away from negative energy, but its necessary if you want to project comfort to someone and it bares you in some way.

4. Mood Journal.

The thing with a mood journal is that it helps us keep track of what we feel, how we feel and when we feel.

There are apps that tell what mood someone is in but I can’t rely on that. One way I keep track of my moods and know what I exactly feel is by talking to myself. I find it really revealing when I have a chat with myself. That action has a way to make everything so clear.

A journal can also be used or you can use the calendar of your phone to help you track and find how often certain moods rise.

5. A Library of Positive Memories.

I absolutely love reliving good times, it uplifts my spirit, especially when I am down.

Someone once said that in order to keep a child’s memory alive, it is essential to flood his/her childhood with events. What better opportunity to chip in a lot of good memories?

Its helpful to have a library full of happy memories stored in your mind, that way, you can never run out of happy thoughts or a way out of a bad day or mood.

6. Psychotherapy. 

There are many ways this can be done, either by seeing a therapist, journal keeping or speaking inwardly. They all keep the mind alive, sane and help control what to feel and how to feel.

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