SPIRITUAL SELF-CARE || Five Stages of Therapeutic Self-Care

Hey guys, hope you are having a lovely week so far cos I am.
So this is actually a series post. For next four weeks, today excluded, I will be sharing on the five stages of therapeutic self-care.

The theme is Five Stages of Therapeutic Self-Care and for today I will be sharing on Spiritual Self-Care.

Spirituality is very important. It applies to every area of our lives. Spirituality is actually like our in built moral compass. It gives more ground to our principles and it influences our decisions.

There are 5 major factors to consider with Spiritual Self-Care:

1. Prayer.

Prayer is the most carried out action apart from natural actions our body takes. You might be wondering how that is but the thing is life is full of uncertainties and we as beings of control tend to be thrown into panic when something out of our control happens. Our next reaction in these situations are always to put it in the hands of our sovereign ruler in my case which is God. Prayer to me, always gives confidence over these situations. We are filled with a certain peace and an assurance that it is suddenly okay when we put things in the hands of God.
Now, this defers from our normal daily prayer we have in the mornings when we wake up and at night before we go to bed. These unplanned actions of prayer are like a constant reminder that we actually do believe in Him even if we do not go to church and/or evangelize as much.
I have been lacking behind on my conscious prayers and it is something I definitely have to work on because there is truly nothing like too much prayer.

The thing about prayer is, even though you pray the usual morning and night prayer, they both differ. The morning is like the general prayer where we commit everything general. There is not much of preciseness except the events we plan but we never really go fully precise because we don’t know what’s going to happen at the long run of the day, when we are not doing something we planned initially. The night prayer is always a prayer of thanksgiving but the middle prayers, the ones we do not plan come when we receive a surprising good news or are faced with a challenging or life threatening situation.

2. Meditation.

This is more like a quite time. In a post here  I discussed my quiet time routine and you could see that even though it was a time just to reflect and plan, putting God in control and tapping into my spirituality helped me more.
This period of meditation helps us hear God and also delve deep into and understand His word.
Everyone wants to hear from God. We want to know His plans for us and how it benefits our success because whether we like it or not, He greatly influences our progress in life.
There is really no need for breathing exercises. All you need is a quiet place and a lot of concentration . The more constant this is, the better.

3. Spiritual Community.

               Who are your friends.

Whether we agree or not, every company we keep influences us spiritually. Being surrounded by a positive filled spiritual community improves every aspect of our lives and not just spiritually.
It is important to note that with self care, every aspect interlinks.

4. Forgiveness.

     Do we really know what it means to                       forgive wholly?

A lot of times, we claim we have forgiven but do we really forget. Most times we find ourselves bringing back incidences we claim to have forgotten.
To forgive has to be compete. Holding on to wrongs done to us doesn’t do well to our health.
Its really difficult to fogive and forget. It takes strength and time but to move on to another chapter of our lives, we need to let go completely.

5. Finding purpose and meaning.

Its the most wanted thing to have purpose and meaning. It gives an absolute sense of contentment.
Your passion is one link to finding purpose and meaning.
It didn’t take a while for me to figure out my passion but it took a long time to link it to my purpose and it room another process to give my purpose meaning.
After a long time of contemplating, I finally gave a name to my career and it felt good.

It is really important to prioritize when it comes to our well-being.

I will be seeing you guys next week to treat the next phase.

I would love to hear what you think so please leave comments.


            Thanks for stopping by


6 thoughts on “SPIRITUAL SELF-CARE || Five Stages of Therapeutic Self-Care

  1. terihagh says:

    I like the way you think — with respect to your content in the post. I see that we cant treat ourselves spiritually: we don’t need to visit no spiritual doctor; and if we offer ourselves proper spiritual treatment, then our physical conditions will be at their best.

    Liked by 1 person

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