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Hey guysss (💃💃💃), it feels like months since I last put something up but it has been actually a week or more, but I am obsessed with you guys so what can I say?
You guys have shown this blog and myself a lot of love and support by viewing, liking, commenting and following, I really appreciate it.
Yes, its been a while since I got in touch with you awesome followers and I apologize. Its a really bougous plan so it is kind of hard to get around but I am working on it.
So presently I am rocking a really low cut. I chopped off my hair on Sunday because it was just a bother worrying about fixing it. With work, I just have my Sundays free and all I bother about is resting and creating. I am not sure if I want to grow it back or just maintain the low cut look because low cut is really good when it is maintained well.
I mentioned in a post here that I had a drama series where the character was living my dream and it got me to realize what I really wanted from this creative angle I was pursuing and coincidentally a few days ago, a friend of mine was doing a strategic planning thing and it looked interesting and I asked if I could do it and it worked out good. I was able to realize a lot of things pertaining my career.It felt liberating to be able to put things into perspective with just those few questions.
Although there is no general name for the career I am pursuing, it is in line with creative activism and liberation. It has a lot to it which makes generalizing it difficult.
So the creating of my career starts with the creation of a brand name “KRIYSTEN”. I do not know why that was my choice, but it was just what came to me at the time. Yes, Anuli’s Blog is in my future but Anuli’s Blog is a part of KRIYSTEN.
I decided not to leave my dreams to mere scribbling in a note but actualizing it and successfully yesterday, I made the first step with creating a website.
Its been tough because creating a site, like a community site is not beans but WIX (Wix Adi) has been really good for me. Creating this site is like a good step to making my dreams/plans a reality. So hopefully KRIYSTEN will be live soon.
For projects, I am working towards a collaboration that is so wide, it is intimidating. This collaboration actually happening is going to be something I would definitely be proud of and would impact a lot of people career wise.
I realized that you can never be too busy to do something you are passionate about. For a few days all I did was complain about how I couldn’t do stuff but I realized that there is time, I just have to find it.
I decided to start something special on the blog which involves you readers and social media. Anuli’s Blog goes beyond just putting up posts, its about creating a community. So I decided to start a Reader’s Day where every last Saturday of the month, I connect with 3 readers on Instagram so please leave your Instagram handle in the comment secion and I will be seeing you soon.
Also, I am planning on going for my Masters abroad because I just feel it will be beneficial for me. Carrying out all stages of my education here, it is not bad to want to experience something new so please if you have any suggestions, leave that in the comment section also.
I restarted a fitness routine. I found a way to fit in gym time into my after working hours and it has been going great. So my gym time consists of the thread mill, skipping, abs and thigh exercises and what not. Still stabilizing my diet plan though.
Also, I am anticipating my birthday (May 15th) and this one feels special because 1995 is repeating itself in 2017 so I will be celebrating on the actual day I was born, so don’t hold back on the gifts ;);).
So thats pretty much all that’s happenih. Nothing extravagant.

PS. Any suggestions for Masters, please leave in the comment section. Also leave Instagram handles in the comment section for Reader’s Day.

              Thanks for stopping by


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