Quiet Time || 7 Must-Do Things During “Me Time”

Hey blogfam!!! It really feels like forever since I posted last and I am going to pin that on my tight schedule, which I am presently trying to find a way around.
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So for the past few days, I have been thinking of a way around my most recent blog plan (I’m sure you all must be thinking…😒😒…This girl and her plans again…😂😂😂LOL). I decided to include a Friday Favorite feature on the blog and it supports my blog plan of showing support and love to bloggers, aside from the main objective/aim to inspire. I know I have been slacking a lot and this is just my way of making up for it.

The past few weeks have opened my eyes to the difficulty surrounding having an actual job and blogging at the same time. The struggle has increased my respect for bloggers who have been able to manage this. I used to think I had good multi-tasking skills until I started experiencing real life, and now I am surprised I haven’t collapsed yet.

This Friday Favorite feature will be taking place on the last Friday of every three months so hopefully one should be coming up on the last Friday of this month. I will basically be sharing blogs, my favorite posts, Instagram profiles, Pinterest accounts, Tumblr accounts, YouTube channels and any other social platform account I have been inspired by lately.

So with that all said, let’s get right to the post…




I have learnt that the most important way to figure things out or have a clear view of things is during a quiet time. A quiet time is mostly associated with being with God which is great but being by ourselves and just reflecting can also be classified as quiet time.

I am a type of person who is always very eager to have “me-time” because I find out things about myself and where I want to be in life and what I hope or expect to get from life and who I want to associate myself with…the list is endless.

Having quality quiet time with yourself should be encouraged because it is the perfect time for reveals and making plans.

There are 7 things I always do whenever I get access to me time:

Pray. You might be wondering, Why Pray? I am presently adapting/living the habit of putting God first in every thing I do. For a period of time in my life, I always tried to deceive myself that I knew what God was thinking and I felt He really didn’t want to hear about how my life was going, for the fact that I wanted to have a private time with myself and figure things out, but I soon found that He makes things clearer and it is the best time to hear from Him; when you are bare and ready. He cares about even the smallest things.

Draft down things I have learnt within a span of 5 months latest. I try not to overwhelm myself with thinking about things I have learnt in five years, the only thing that helps to keep track of lessons learnt that long is actually journal keeping or other documenting in that category. I just recently developed the habit of journal keeping so unfortunately I wont be doing 3 years or more yet. Why I go five months behind is because I find that I am able to quickly come up with a lot of things learnt from that time, its more like an immediate thought. These drafts help me know where I have gotten and kind of guide me on where next and also helps me bring most of these things that are still relevant that I have closeted in a corner of my mind. Everyday we learn new things but sometimes, it’s the knowledge from the past that enable us get through some things.

~ Revisit my already set goals. We all set goals with plans to actually achieve. I have found that despite our already set goals for the week, or the month, or the year, every day we experience things we could have never predicted and they allow us set more goals. Now that I journal and also carry around a portable jotter, I find it easy to put down pop-up goals and revisiting them gives me the opportunity to note down those I have been able to achieve and add new ones.

~ Talk to myself/rant. So I have this thing where I rant for 30 minutes tops. It relieves my mind and some pent up tension. It also helps me get things into clearer perspective. I also record sometimes just to hear myself again.

~ Ponder for a few minutes. I don’t like to call it worry because that is just bothersome, I quite prefer ponder. After most of the things listed above are done, I take a deep breath and just speak within, there’s really no need to make so much noise.

~ Shuffle my inspirational playlist. You guessed right, they are gospel songs. I have no prejudice against circular songs being inspirational, there are actually so many of them, but I prefer gospel songs because apart from being inspirational, they carry prayers. Some of my all time favorites are: Intentional by Travis Greene, Made A Way by Travis Greene, Smile by Kirk Franklin, Baba by Sonnie Badu, Well Done by Deitrick Haddon, He Turned It by Tye Tribbett

~ Pray. Yes, a second time because I also end with God. It’s the end of a great quiet time and I like to thank God for it’s success and also ask God for a few things.
So that’s it guys, I hope I didn’t bore you with my quiet time routine and that you actually enjoy it.
Do you have a quiet time routine? Would like to know about it.

Do you have a quiet time playlist? Do Share.





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11 thoughts on “Quiet Time || 7 Must-Do Things During “Me Time”

  1. RealLifeWithLou says:

    Wow, what are the odds? I was literally just talking to my bf about the importance of “me-time”. I think you really hit the nail on the head with your points. And don’t even get me started with the struggle of blogging while working full time haha! Xx


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