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Day Seven ~ Quitting Is Not An Option

Everything you are experiencing at this moment, whatever it is, is exactly what you need for your personal growth. Trust it.

Hey fam, before loading off on you guys I want to say thank you for staring the inspire week with me till today which is the last day.

This post will be a collaboration and I will be leaving a link after this to Meka who will be doing this with me.
Giving up is not something anyone should consider a choice. Yes, there are hurdles and hard times in the journey of achieving and often this gets to us.

For a very long time, I have had the issue of lack of patience. I was too carried away by seeing people excel without really knowing how hard it is for them. I used to have multiple blogs and right now, I am not proud to say that I have no idea of what they are. I also had a wattpad phase and because my stories were not having the reads and likes I thought I deserved, I deleted all the accounts I had.

I am happy that I have gotten back on the wagon with more focus this time.

Most times, we get influenced by what we see and it underestimates our efforts.

Being a blogger now for two years and seeing a blogger who has been blogging for a year and is already closer to achieving than I am will definitely get to me but letting that affect my vision is an insult to all the efforts I have put in for 2 years.

It was never easy to actually put things into a clearer perspective and prioritize but I owed it to my future.

One thing that can definitely deter us away from our path is the lack of focus. Yes, you might see things that make your efforts look less but focus serves as a constant reminder of our purpose and our efforts.

I can’t boast of much now but I can definitely boast of where I have gotten because I understand how every effort I have put in; no matter how little it is, matters.

We should understand that every one has a specified time. According to my understanding of the Word of God and how God works, every one tapping into their purpose has their time of fulfilment.

Taking the story of Jacob into consideration. Jacob, despite cheating his brother ; Esau, off his birthright, he didn’t sit still and reap the favors of the birthright, but he worked hard and it was recorded that despite all his work and how much time had gone, he still received his blessing.

And God blessed the latter days of Jacob, more than his former.

It is definitely not easy to be so focused as to not get distracted by what we see, it was not easy for me to get to this stage of understanding but a few things have helped me stay clear:

1. A daily reminder of my vision. I recently set a reminder on my phone and also in mu journal of what I want out of all this hustle. I also surround myself with people who are also in line with visions of theirs. It has given me the push I need to stay focused and put in work.

2. Taken it a day at a time. It never pays to rich things because you spend more time going back to right the wrongs.

I try not to overwhelm myself and set myself up gir failure. It is beneficial to know your capacity. Overwork clounds the mind.

3. Realize life is not a competition. The time for competition has passed, that was the school days. Now, it is everyone for themselves. Yes, being competitive can serve for motivation but along the way, we find ourselves being who we are not and straying from our path. It is somewhat like a sailor in a storm, fighting the strong waves with pieces of wood made into a ship; he is bound to be a victim of the storm.

4. Respect your efforts. Despite it not bringing the results we expect, we owe it to ourselves to apptecite each and every work we put in.


9 thoughts on “Day Seven ~ Quitting Is Not An Option

  1. Lolade says:

    This is a lovely post. But while reading, I thought of things that causes people to quit and what came to me was that people don’t set realistic goals. Their goals get to many and overwhelming and when they don’t meet their deadline they quit.
    Set short goals. It’s true that more is better but to accomplish more you must focus on less. Those who do too much, do too little. Also, Success don’t come cascading like waterfalls it comes one drop at a time through short term realistic goals. Dream big dreams but realize that the short term goals that take you to the next level are the real key to success.

    Liked by 1 person

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