Welcoming February || Recap of January

Hey guys!!!! Happy new month. I am so excited to welcome February because it marks the beginning of a lot of things for me as well as my blog.

January was definitely a month not to forget and it’s not because of the new month vibe it brings with it being the first month of a new year, but because it gave me the push I needed to envision new things for myself as well as my blog.

Before taking stock of January, I will like to say a big thank you to everyone of you for your support and love. It definitely got me through and made me not give up. You awesome people are making my dreams come true and I am so grateful. Thank you so much, I love you guyss.

So, enough of being sappy and let’s get to things.


I created an official email for my blog because it is definitely important to have some sort of signature or contact avenue that also agrees with your blog name.

I was always very nervous to go beyond guest posts because it is the easy part of networking. I think I was also scared of the introduction process when trying to collaborate with another blogger. So, with as much bravery as I could muster, I gave it a shot and I got a huge collaboration. Will be giving details after this post.

I lost a few pounds 🙌🙌🙌🙌. It is definitely a great achievement. I talked about how I felt about my extras in a post here and reading it will help you understand just what creating a weight loss routine and actively carrying it out truly means to me.

So, in the past month, and a few back, I have published more posts compared to when I first started out. It majorly has to do with exploring and researching, which is really important to carry out as an individual, blogger or not, because it broadens our knowledge and keeps us abreast.

I took my blog through a blog branding phase because it was really important and necessary in giving my blog a more professional and user friendly look. I also took up a blogging series where I mainly shared tips to blog better and I really learnt a lot from it.

Sometime ago, I talked about a plan that will grow my community and also get my blog more publicized. The Blog/Reader relationship plan is definitely crazy to keep up with but God has been my strength.

I realized that my blog needed a push, well, more like a shove to get out there and social media is one avenue that helps with that. It took a lot of struggle but I succeeded in becoming more active on social media compared to my social presence in 2016.

After reading blogs and trying to get my life organized, I decided to go into journaling. I managed to get one but it wasn’t really what I wanted so I tweaked it a little and managed to pull off my own DIY.  Be expectig a DIY post soon.

A sturdy relationship with God is very important. Last year, I became really interested in knowing God more and it has been a blessed journey. I haven’t regretted the decision and He has helped me understand myself and life more.

I made more blogger friends and for someone who can’t maintain relationships, and is also scared of creating relationships because of the fear of being judged, I have to give myself a 👍 for successfully going for it. My new friends are awesome by the way ;)😄😄.

I also got my first blog nomination~s; still owing a post on the second one. It definitely felt good and I remember bursting with joy when I saw it.Thanks Ngumabi and OyinKans Views for recognizing my efforts.

I carried out a full blog makeover and it partially had to do with the blogging tips and the look of the blogs I read. I unfortunately do not have a picture of the previous blog look but for those who are familiar with the blog, I am sure you can testify.

With the help of God and a lot of reading and meditating, I was able to have a better understanding of myself.

I got a job guyss 🙌🙌🙌. In a post here,  I did a story time of my job hustle (if you haven’t read it, please do). I know I do not have that much experience but it was an adventure nonetheless and it taught me a few life lessons. My present job is tasking, but it exercises my brain and keeps me active. Sharing this story also helped me put up my first ever story time post.

I started Life Hack Thursdays on my Instagram and Motivational Mondays on both the gram and my blog. It was hard to start, especially with the Motivational Mondays because it involves me baring myself which I am uncomfortable with but it has taught me to be open and it has helped me come in contact with people willing to share too.

I gained a total of 187 followers. Thanks GUysssss…..

Picked Up

A YouTube obsession and I promise it is very healthy. To be honest, I never really got the whole point of YouTube until I watched a vlog and they have become my new favorite thing.

The habit of positive thinking is one thing that can make you grow. I never really gave it much thought or any importance. I didn’t know just how much my thoughts shaped my life until I began to chat with God and He showed me just how much my thinking affected my life. On my gram and a bit on my blog, I preach a lot about thinking positively because, just as I didn’t initially know, some people don’t know how important it is to think right.

The habit of hardwork and consistency. They both go hand in hand. Being consistent is very key when you are trying to build/grow a stable and reliable blog. I am happy that lately, I have been able to post when I plan and I am also happy with being consistent with my posting lately which is presently on Wednesdays from 12noon to 1pm except on special occasions.This habit has helped in it’s own way in creating a space for me with my readers.

Left Behind

Late nights which was really constant last year. I talked about it in a post here.

Envy and Laziness which really affected me as a person and also my blog. I was procrastinating a lot and I was trying too much to make my blog look more like someone else’s.

Hope To

Read more books because they hold a world of knowledge and also improve my imagination and also my creative mind.

Carry out more blog collaborations and guest posts

Attend more blog related events and also life improving events.

Work on maintaining my relationships.

Loose more weight.

Explore and expand my blog. Grow my community and get more active on social media.

What does January represent both personally and Career-wise?

What plans have you made for february?

Don’t leave without giving a thumbs up and dropping comments. I would like to hear from you.




  • Today marks the beginning of the countdown for the Inspire Week. This also has to do with the collaboration I mentioned above. I was successful enough to get 8 individuals including myself to host each day of the Inspire Week. I will be putting up links through out the week to help you guys have better access to those blogs.
  • Blog posting calendar: Wednesday 12 noon to 1 pm

         Thanks for stopping by



5 thoughts on “Welcoming February || Recap of January

  1. styledcolorfully says:

    Wow!!!! Do you actually recap every month???
    I would really love to do this but the time to just sit down and actually think of all the things that happend in the past few month
    It is a good idea, it kind of keeps you on track
    I enjoyed reading

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anuli says:

      Thanks a lot babe. I am glad you enjoyed it. I actually have a notepad that I carry all day and I document things, it helps me keep track. Just putting things down in one sitting does not assure that you get everything. You should try giving it a shot.

      Liked by 1 person

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