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⚓ INSECURITY || Motivational Mondays

Insecuites are the biggest potential killers.

I have a lot of insecurities that have held me back from certain things.

I am for one, insecure about my body and I have put up this farce that has been able to deceive a lot of people.

I personally know how hurtful it is to be so cautious and to be scared of socializing because people would only notice how fat I am and how not beautiful I am.

People might not see that but because I have convinced myself that I am less, I believe that every other person sees me as less.

No one deserves to be treated as less and self love is the most important factor when feeling better and having confidence in yourself.


2 thoughts on “⚓ INSECURITY || Motivational Mondays

  1. Lolade says:

    I use to have insecurities about my body cause I’m a busty girl. That’s one of the first thing people notice about me. Some people don’t hide it or withhold their comments but with time I had to get use to it and I’m still working on it. Nice post something I needed.

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    • Anuli says:

      I am so glad this post connected with you on a deep level. I definitely understand the talking to your face and making you having big bust something to be ashamed of. It got to a point in my life where I couldn’t have a straight conversation without someone already telling me how weird I looked fat and already proclaiming me dying because of the health issues that came with being fat. Like I said in the post, self love helps to get through all the trash talk. Thanks so much for reaching out and for sharing.

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