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In a post here, I talked about how excited I was to flatter the labor market with my presence 😎😎.

A few weeks after my NYSC program, I was not that anxious to do anything, I was enjoying the stress free phase; that popular phase that comes after a very stressful period. It however didn’t last because I just got tired of staying at home and doing nothing, it got depressing.

So I started filling applications for jobs, I created accounts in job generating platforms, my email got spammed with notifications but I was okay with that. It didn’t take long before I got called for an interview. I was really excited and I was pretty confident in my abilities when compared in line with the job position. I was hyped the night before, I even packed my bag, got my CV and documents, ready to nail this thing but the next morning, the hype faded. I wasn’t excited anymore and I was even thinking of not attending but I had to, or else I was going to stay broke.

I dressed like a SCREP because I felt like a SCREP. A little part of me was hoping that this company was going to be dope so maybe the hype can come back but when I got there, it was completely opposite of what I expected, the workers weren’t professional looking and it just reduced my mood to a zero. The interview passed in a blur and at the end, I knew that I wasn’t going to be called back. A little part of me was sad because it is normal to feel down when we fail at something even though we weren’t really interested in that thing, and a little part of me was happy.

I didn’t let this horrible experience hold me back and I continued filling applications. Luckily, I got invited for an interview which I didn’t apply for, you will think that I would take this as a sign and not bother, but no, Anuli went on. I told my mom about it and she was skeptical, she told me not to go because, unfortunately we live in a world where bad overrides good, but I insisted and I went.

I looked good that day; I made an effort to not look so SCREP-ish. When I got to the address and saw the building, it screamed  SCAM (fake) but nooo, Anuli still moved on 😂😂😂.

I went in and found like close to 40 people and I was kind of shocked because the email suggested that they carefully selected the candidates that would be present; you know those emails that make you seem so special, like you were only 4 people invited? Yes, that was the type of email I got.

A lady that sat beside me asked if I was there for the Ambassadorial position and I was like…



I remembered seeing a position for customer care on the email but trust Anuli, I brushed it off and did a written and oral test. After that, a lady came up and said she will give us a lecture and then invite the CEO and then he would pick 4 people for the job.

This heightened my senses; I went into competition mode because I wanted to be among the important 4. The lady preached and preached and preached and she finally invited the CEO. He was young so this was a shocker to everyone (my hot man radar activated 😄😄😄 ).

He began telling us about the job, the platform was legit but the presentation just seemed off and then the scam part came in, he spoke to us for 4 hours before he decided to let us know what it took to get the job.

Apparently, we had to pay to get chosen, this blew me away, why would I pay, why would anyone have to pay to get a job that is legit? It is just like me getting a job because I know the owner, even though I am nowhere near qualified. This annoyed me and then, the guy took it to the next level when he started selecting people in 5s and started trying to convince them to pay.

I was beyond pissed at the time. I wasted my Monday, and my time and my money. I left vowing to never let things get that far again. Even though it was a bad experience, it was worth the life lesson.

The third and hopefully the final interview was way better than the first two. It was not a scam, I didn’t have a high expectation of the look of the place, I went prepared and hopeful, I tried not to overwhelm myself and I showed the boss that I was willing to learn, which is key.

I hope you enjoyed my story guys.


Before I go, I would like to drop a few tips that I hope might be of help to you.

Note: Not a professional in anyway 🙅🙅🙅

1. Look Good. Bear in mind that you are not looking your best for the boss or the other applicants, but for yourself. Having assurance that you look good boosts your confidence and heightens your possibility of getting the job. It takes away the self-conscious feeling to always check yourself or to be careful about doing certain things.



2. Be Warm. No one likes a Grinch. Being nice sends off a comfortable aura to people around you. Try your best to smile so you do not send out the wrong message or make your potential employer think you are not excited about the job


3. Do Not Over Think. A lot of people, like me, like to rehearse how we would act during an interview and most times we find that we turn out to act differently. It is best to go with the flow. It is life; we are bound to be thrown off the axis once in a while. It is better not to overwhelm yourself because at the end you tend to regret not saying something or doing something that might have upped your chances of getting the job.

If you are a type of person who likes to check out the potential work place, that is if they have a website, go for it but try not to overwhelm yourself with too much information.


4. Have Confidence In Your Abilities. Yes, you are not perfect, you still need to learn how things are done in this new work place but have confidence in the knowledge you have acquired. Sounding unsure doesn’t make you look reliable. The second interview I went for, the lady who took me and a couple other people for the oral test was a big snob. There was a girl who she spoke ill of; she basically called the girl stupid for not knowing certain things. I believe that it is wrong to make someone feel less because they do not know more. We learn every day; no one should feel bad about being ignorant about certain things.

Also, do not feel like you have failed if you don’t answer all the questions in the employment test. I think any employer will be freaked out if they had an applicant that knew everything.


5. Portray Flexibility. Every employer wants a versatile worker. One who can easily adjust and is open to learning new things. It makes their work easier. Asking questions if you are permitted also gives an impression that you are willing to learn.


6. When Answering The Aptitude Test, Be Objective And Answer The Questions In A Way The Company Will Benefit. Some aptitude tests come with tricky questions like “Which is better, Education or Financial Intelligence?”

Every company has a major aim of generating income. It is best to answer with Financial Intelligence and detail it in a way that the employer can see you making them some cash.


Money is not everything, but you need money for everything.





That will be all for now homies. I hope you enjoyed my story.
NOTE: Experience is the best teacher but it does not have to be your experience, you can benefit from the experience of others.


UPDATE: The Inspire Week is coming up soon guys. February 11-17. #anticipate.

RECENT UPDATE: I got the job guys!!!! 🙌🙌🙌

Thanks for stopping by





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