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You must be wondering why I have been MIA for a while now…,or not, but well, today marks the end of the blogging tips series for now 😭😭. I know you are sad about it but I promise to be sharing some more soon.

So I will stop over talking and get to it because my mom appointed me as her assistant, meaning I have a lot of work. Moving on…





1.  Express Your Opinion. It is refreshing to share your opinion on certain things you feel passionate about.


Your readers will be presented with new views and this, if controversial, can stir up conversations.

✏ Share your opinion on topics that both interest you and create controversies…if possible, start a revolution.



2.  Create A Custom Icon. This is something I have been struggling with for a few days now. Having a blog icon is more like an identity. It makes your blog look  more organized and professional and it is highly important when growing a brand and standing out in a sea of related blogs.

✏ With your creative mind and style, create a blog icon that represents both you and your blog. Stand Out.



3.  Habit Of Consistency. Being consistent can be a difficulty with problems ranging from lack of ideas, tight schedules, laziness, among others. Being consistent as a blogger is one sure way to ascertain reader loyalty.

Yes, it is easier said than done. I commend your efforts so far but note that a less than organized posting schedule can piss off certain readers who are really particular about how they spend their time.

Some people pick certain days to read blogs, certain days to be on social media and certain days to have personal time, it is simply called habit, but these people might decide they love your blog content enough to adjust it into their already busy life and this is where they monitor your posting consistency either from previous posts or by a certain announcement made by you.

In planning all this, we should bear in mind that we also have the right to being consistent with comfort, even though it won’t hurt to push ourselves once in a while. We should try not to overwhelm ourselves and stick to a schedule that works for us and our readers will adjust.

✏ I recently started forming habits that work for me, but not in a way that makes me predictable, but in a way that makes me reliable. Do The Same.



4.  Recreating A Single Day. This is by far the craziest idea I have come across. You might be wondering…or not, how it is possible to take your readers through a single day in your life in a way that makes them feel like they experienced it with you. We have to admit, it is not just about writing, but creating a connection.

It’s really crazy, if we are being real. I already have a hard time expressing an event or occurrence in a way that my readers feel like they were there with me, but a whole day?

✏ It might not be anytime soon, might be added to your drafts, but take a step in being a reality TV star, for just a day, or more, if you love it.



5.  Take A Cue From Your Readers. Asking your readers what they want to see is one way of being certain you never miss it. Yes, we post things we are passionate about, that our readers eventually enjoy, but we should also ask. Our blogs are little communities created by us and it is important to make everyone in that community feel relevant…don’t you agree?

It is something I am aiming towards, but if I am being real, I always get scared that I won’t get feedback…(*coughs* that’s a hint guys 🙈🙈, I will be asking soon, so respond so I don’t feel bad 😄😄…I am a smart Alec…I am trying to remember where I heard that 😮😮…).

✏  Ask Questions.



6.  Mine You Way To Your Next Blog Post. Social media is one way to discover controversial topics/discussions/ideas. A lot of people spend time online finding new content ideas, chatting with friends or simply being informed about things happening in the world; why not use that as an opportunity to find a new target topic/topics that exposes your blog and inspires you?

✏ Embark on a research journey.



7.  Find Your Key Moment. Every write up has a key moment, every event in our lives has a key moment. It is that moment that stirs up the most reaction, which determines our feelings towards certain things that have happened.

When writing and publishing, we have key moments in every post. This can be found through comments by readers or just by its connection to you.

✏ Now, let’s blow up these key moments into larger posts, which also have key moments.


8.  A Map As Your Muse. A map is a necessity when it comes to locating or backtracking. We make use of maps even during conversations, how? When getting into a conversation with someone, we know what we want to achieve at the end, the map is the route we take to get to that end point, make sense?

Believe me when I saw maps work magic, especially when writing recap posts. Most blog contents are written about past happenings, through descriptions and narrations and using maps helps us not miss anything.

I recently formed the habit of jotting down or recording (I mentioned here how I liked talking to myself) immediately ideas pop in my head especially for my recap posts series or weekend tales or any write up that would involve past happenings. Giving details gives your readers the highest chance of connecting with the post and understanding better.

I mentioned a point of Recreating A Day in post for your readers, what better way to make it work than using a map?

✏ Test the waters…



9.  Compose A Series Of Anecdotes.

Repetition and accumulation give structure and momentum to a piece of writing and help your readers stay engaged.

Anecdotes are one reason why ‘Lists’ posts are fun to read.

You are simply explaining/discussing a key topic in the simplest and shortest way possible. Also, the ‘Currently I Am’ tag post is also an example. It is a chill, organized, brief and interesting way to tell your readers what you are doing at the moment. Read mine here.

✏ Compose and Publish.





It’s sad, but it is over guys. This was fun. Please let me know…

What you learnt so far?

More tips that can be helpful?

Your opinions?

NOTE: I realize these are not direct questions, but I try, see them as questions, yea?


UPDATE: I recently decided to start Motivational Mondays and Life Hacks Series on my Instagram and Blog (Motivational Mondays only) and I need a really nice hashtag that personalizes it. Your opinions are priceless.


Thanks for stopping by




  1. Raghu Rao says:

    Very well written post, Thanks for sharing it, I have taken a more technical approach to sharing my views. Do head to my blog to read it and let me know what you think of it.. 🙂


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