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Hey guys and welcome back again. I hope you had a wonderful night. So, we’ve been going on with this blogging tips for a while and I am truly pleased with the feedback I have gotten so far, it definitely encourages me to continue, till the very end.

For today, I will make the tips as relatable as I can so that achieving the tasks for every tip would be easy to accomplish.

So…let’s get to it.


1. Build A Better Blogroll. Not until a few days ago, the concept of a blog roll was lost on me, I didn’t even know that there was a thing like that. Having a blogroll on your blog exposes your readers to more blogs, especially blogs that have inspired you and can inspire your readers as well.

The Links widget in your blog’s customizer is one way to achieve this. You might be wondering, why don’t you just save yourself the stress and use the Blogs I Follow widget? But that only limits to the blogs I follow and that is not enough.

My blogroll is still under construction but it looks good so far. You can check it out to have a better understanding of what I mean.

✏ Make a list of blogs you want your readers to have access to, go to the customizer in your WordPress, select the links widget and get to work.

Note: Adding links can be done from the dashboard menu.

2. SEO And Your Blog. SEO is one of the hardest aspect of blogging for me. The SEO works with your keywords (either used in post titles or the blog post itself, or both), your descriptive taglines and also tagging.

Proper SEO implementation and management raises your blog’s chances of being found among a sea of related blogs. Deciding keywords relevant to your post and using it in your content, title, and descriptive taglines is one major way to accomplish this.

✏ Research extensively on SEO (I didn’t do it much justice). 

3. Let Your Scene Write Itself. This comes in handy when you are trying to review an event or tell your readers about a recent getaway.

We can agree that most part of blogging has to do with description and this can be accomplished perfectly if we don’t write from our head but let the scene write itself.

This could work with observation and connection. Sometimes, we need to let our emotions speak for itself.

✏ Plan on telling your readers about an event or a location? Try reliving how you felt and express it as best as you can.

4. Create An Inspiration Prompt. Every blogger would love it if they never ran out of topics to discuss with readers.

Creating a prompt that you are sure inspires you the most is a way to be sure you never run out of that push you need to create.

✏ I sincerely do not know how to create one, but I would and you should too.


5. A Cup Of Coffee. There is nothing more chill than just hanging out or gisting with a friend over a cup of coffee or tea. The serene and intimate environment brightens up your day and it makes for a deep connection with the person you are sharing the moment with.

✏ Imagine if every blog post gave your audience that same vibe?

This will be all for now guys. Thanks again for coming back. I hope you were able to pick up a few things. Please, endeavor to share you opinions in the comment section. It will be much appreciated.

Note: the tasks are the italisized sentences that have the pencil logo placed in front. 

                Thanks for stopping by.



  1. exquisiteemmalisa says:

    THis is awesome!!!!! What’s a blog roll? I’d love to know what exactly it is? I didn’t understand that, I’m assuming it’s something to do with when people subscribe ?? I haven’t read the whole thing but wanted to ask that first! But I love stuff to do with tips on how to further your writing/blogging…. I want to fine tune my voice/writing. I feel I am not very verbose, like a “novel” sort of writer but I feel I need to stick to my own style/niche to not get discouraged. Love posts like this! Keep up the good work and keep them COMING!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anuli says:

      Thanks love. A blog roll is a showcase of blogs you like. Its like a link back to other blogs and it allows your readers access to blogs you enjoy. On my home page, when you scroll down to the end, at the far right, you see my blog roll where I have 4 blogs or more displayed. Also, it is definitely a struggle to say a lot and help your readers capture your emotions with just words but it is something that comes with time. Thanks again dear. I am glad you enjoyed this post.

      Liked by 1 person

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