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Learn As I Learn…Blogging Tips.

Hey guys, I hope you are all good. I am presently in a professional state of mind, I love it!!!

So this learning phase is definitely a great one for me and hopefully one for you guys. So let’s go on.

1. Reshare Old Posts. In the name of new content, our old ones get shoved to the back. It is definitely great to introduce new content, plus your new visitors will definitely have more to read.

The one avenue that helps resharing old posts to as many people as possible is social media. It works magic and it can be done as much times as possible, but please try not to overwhelm your audience.

 Use your social media platforms to share old blog posts with renewed descriptions and images. 

2. Get inspired by neighbors. Another way to never run out of new post ideas is to constantly expose yourself to more intriguing content. It definitely does not limit to the post itself, but comments can also work magic.

When reading and commenting on blog posts, keep your eye and your mind open for inspirations. 

3. Grow Your Audience With Guest Posters. Actively taking up guest posters and contributing guest posts exposes your blog and your audience to new content.

Your audience as well as the outsiders surely enjoy the extra knowledge.

Work towards posting a guest post on a blog and introduce guest posters to yours. 

4. Intros and Hooks. Your opening lines are the very first chance you get at hooking your readers.

I used to be in a phase where I determined how well an article or a book was based on the opening…god-awful habit, but at the same time, it is great to always be insured, you never know who is visiting your blog.

✏ Brainstorm interesting opening lines for your blog posts. 

5. Writing Not Writing. If you constantly write either on your blog or daily, it is advisable to take a break. This helps you reset your mind and  reflect as well. This helps you put certain things into perspective.

Take a break from blogging for a little while to reflect and restructure. 

Thanks a lot for hanging out guys. Please do share your views on these tips, I would like to know what you think and also suggest better ways if you have any. Thank you.

               Thanks for stopping by


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