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Blogging Tips || 8 Tips From A Very Long List.

Hey guys, so firstly, I want to apologize for missing out on yesterday’s update, it however, will be included below, together with the one’s for today.

So while I was busy studying, I noticed a key point that I had to implement on my blog, so yesterday was my time to do that.

For those who view the web version of my blog either on their phones or computers, you will notice the obvious change. I feel yesterday’s change made the blog look really professional and organized. I am definitely in love with it, but I am still tweaking a few things.

So, enough of the yarn, lets get to the main core of the post.


1.  Make An Irresistible ‘About’ Page. It was actually this tip that set off my inner re-inventor. After thinking about it, I decided to give creating an ‘About’ page another thought seeing as my past attempts were unyielding.

We read blogs because we love the people behind them. When a visitor is intrigued by your site, they’ll want to know more about you.

Try your hands at creating an ‘About’ page and adapt it into a widget for your homepage. It doesn’t have to be perfect at the first try so don’t over work yourself.


2. Organize Your Sidebar. Focusing on customization, we agree that the sidebar organization is really important because it adds to the look of your posts display. The sidebar can either make your blog display look professional or confusing.

Be creative and experience your sidebar feature. Go all out but try not to overwhelm your readers.


3. Dig Deep Into Social Network. Now, I am the most inexperienced person when it come to Social Media networking. I have zero social skills but I know it is very important to build one.

The branding has been going great, your blog has successfully gotten to the stage of representing you better, but we don’t live in isolation. Using social networks spreads your brand to bigger circles- but the internet is a vast playground, so you’ll want to choose where to focus your efforts.

There is nothing wrong with playing in as many fields as you can, I do that, but I also know how hard it is for me. The sharing feature on my blog has definitely had a hand in making getting my blog on as many social platforms as possible easier, but the same cannot be said for my individual networking.

Pick a social network you’ll use to help grow your blog, and outline a plan for how you’ll use it. Put in research, you will be surprised at the amount of information on the internet.


4. Landscape. Taking landscape style pictures definitely gives your pictures a wider look. This is best for getting a professional looking image, selfie or not. For blog images, it is better to use landscape format pictures for it to blend well with the post that follows.

Make this a thing and get in a space that works for you.


5. The Space You Write. I have been planning to do a behind the scenes post but the text format seems like it won’t really capture the real activity and my blog is not yet video supportive. I will definitely find a way around it.

Our readers are sometimes curious as to the look of our surroundings when we are preparing a post. Of course this will not likely be a one day description as some people like to take their time preparing for posts. This is where batch blog comes in, read a post about batch blog here.

Try your best to describe in details, the entirety of preparing a post to your readers.


6. Personalizing Your Site. It is truly beautiful when you can get your blog to truly portray your person. There is nothing more intimate than being personal. Your readers will also appreciate your efforts to connect with them on a more intimate level.

Add more personality to your blog look using the customize.


7. Visit The Neighbors. When it comes to building a strong community around your blog, nothing replaces publishing consistently and commenting on others’ blogs. You might be wondering, this has been mentioned previously, but creating an habit of it helps your blog as well as blog relationships grow.

Those who either follow or have liked my blog might have noticed my routine to read as many posts as I can, show support and expand my knowledge. Although I haven’t done it in a while, I plan on starting from where I stopped.

Visit blogs with content that connect with you, drop comments and create some form of reminder to check again in order not to miss any activity and for it not to appear as you just making rounds just because…


8. Let Social Media Inspire You. One of the goals of this is to help you tap into new and unexpected places for post ideas.

Today, let’s visit Twitter for inspiration. Open your mind to new things, you might be surprised at how you can find starting points for your own writing.

That will be all for now guys. See you tomorrow, if Jesus tarries.

                                                                Thanks for stopping by



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