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Its Been Five Days And I Still Want To Go On.

Hey guys, how have you been? I am still going strong and I have definitely been having fun, hope you have to?

So let’s get straight to it as I have to get back to filling out applications for job openings.

1. Love your theme. You spend most time on your blog compared to any other person, so you have to love your blog. The way it looks and the content you offer.

 Explore, try out three new themes. You might like your present theme but you might find another that is much more to your liking. 

2. Take a break. Yes, you want to be an active blogger because your audience matters, but, you matter more.

✏ Take a break and do something else that you love. Give yourself space to do more.

3. Commenting on comments. Blog posts are only one part of a conversation. The comments are the other part. Don’t just focus on replying to comments, but work on creating sub-comments and sub sub-comments.

✏ Visit blogs you enjoy or even your blog and create a conversation replying  to and commenting on comments.

4. Make good use of your archives. Readers love it when they see a series of posts displayed on your home page, hmmm, so much to pick from, but you can also highlight your best posts and hidden gems in your archive section.

Integrate a new feature, like a widget that displays your bests or favorites. 

5. Connect. Connecting is an essential blogging technique because it exposes us and our blogs to more. This can be done with the use of tags and hashtags.

Experiment with new related tags before publishing your posts. 

6. Hook ’em with a quote. I have read a lot of blog content that always starts with a quote, to get the readers both interested and active. Sometimes it is better to use someone else’s words to start a post.

Publish a post and begin with a quote. Something related to the post of the day and also interesting. 

Wooop!! That’s all for now guys. Please if you enjoyed this, give it a thumbs up and also drop comments. What better way to start testing the tips ;)?

               Thanks for stopping by



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