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Its A Process, And It Is Worth It…Blogging Branding.

1. Share your thoughts and create mind tasking and intelligible posts. One thing about reading blogs is the exposure we get to insightful ideas and experiences that we might not usually come across.

We need to task our minds by reading, commenting or contributing and trying to create challenging posts.

✏ Check out a new blog or a blog you have come across previously, engage in the most insightful topic there. Share your honest views, be it in agreement or not. Give your blog the privilege of hosting something of this kind. You will be contributing to the growth of the human brain. 

2. Identify your audience. In the world of blogging, everyone has a targeted audience. Mine is everyone actually, 😁, because inspiration is not limited to a kind of human and I love to share my life in a way I have never done with people.

Every blogger aims at a specific crowd when publishing posts but do they put this in mind when drafting for all posts.

It is important that we make that a factor when we are compiling ideas for our posts.

✏ Task your mind by figuring out the class of audience you want and create a post that speaks more to them.

3. Its okay to be more beautiful. I am a kind of person that likes experimenting with my blog theme and colors, of course I do not do this to the extent of disrupting the blog’s activities.

Never think it is irresponsible to beauify your blog theme the more. Its not distracting , but rather pleasing to the eyes.

Every blog niche is entitled to a  beautiful look. Test the waters.

4. Give them what they want. Apart from us blogging because we love it, we also want to make sure our readers enjoy the contents as well. There’s no harm in trying to satisfy a few more people apart from yourself.

✏ Do a basic stats analysis and create an editorial calendar. Find out what keeps your readers coming back, is it something that you enjoy contributing? Work towards giving back more of that. 

5. Add a caption to your image. Some people might disagree, but people actually are interested in caption. You might argue that a social platform like Instagram which is based on pictures and videos, holds no relevance to captions, but people actually care about captions.

✏ Describe to your audience what they see. A picture can only say a few words.

Thanks for coming back today guys, this was fun.
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7 thoughts on “Its A Process, And It Is Worth It…Blogging Branding.

  1. 5experts says:

    Extremely helpful ideas !!
    Thanks very a lot. It really is a great sensation when i’m checking out a post like yours.
    I’m so happy I discovered your blog, your writing is truly fantastic. Not everybody creates for the same factor, however your own is actually amazing.
    Excellent ideas and also terrific post overall!
    Thank you for sharing

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