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Are You Tired? Cos I Am Not.

Hey guyss, how is the week going? So I am really on a roll with this and my titles are getting weirder 😁😁. Anyways, we’ll be doing the normal blog talk. Feel free to ask questions and also share your opinions.
A Very Short List on Progressing Your Blog.

1. Work towards creating a user friendly website and a responsive design. The use of mobile to read blogs is a really popular approach. Everyone does that, it is very inconvenient reading a blog on your way to work, or on the train or any other form of transportation with a computer or even a tab. Mobile phones are a more user friendly approach. Adopting a responsive design is also a great tactic. It looks good on all screens so you can be sure of your readers having something good to look at.

✏ View your customizer and work towards making your blog mobile friendly and create a more responsive design. 

2. While taking pictures, experiment with size. So, a lot of people, including myself just focus on one thing when taking pictures, but do you know that your environment also contributes to the picture?

Try taking a larger sized picture but make sure the environment is in alliance with your focus and speaks well to your audience. 

3. You can take a picture of two angles, and then decide which one suits you. Don’t be in a rush. Have you ever been in a predicament where you take a picture from an angle, leave the scene, check it later, and then decide you should have bent your phone or camera the other way? Yes I have. Most times it looks great while taking the picture but when viewing, its not so great. I used to have that issue with my VSCO cam but now I have it all figured out 👍.

Take your pictures from every angle imaginable and take your time selecting the one that works for you. 

4. The one-word prompt. Most times,what we need is just one word that gives our posts meaning. I call it the “one-word inspiration”. It might be in form of your title or a single explanation of your words in a post.

Here are a few choice words:







That will be all for now guys. Don’t be tired, I promise this is worth it.
             Thanks for stopping by


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