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anuli's blog sol calendar design

Hey guyss, happy Friday. The weekend officially starts today and I’m sure a lot of you are already anxious, planning on getting away for the weekend or laying on your couch, watching movies. I wish I could say the same for myself. The weekend is just like the week for me, more work.

So this app got me really excited when I got it. I was reading the Melyssa Griffin blog where tips and facts are shared; I’ll be doing a post on the tips I’ve learnt about blogging and networking in general.
I learned about the SolCalendar app while reading the comments in a post; which is a habit I want to cultivate because there are really knowledgeable arguments there and its a way to find new blogs.

This particular calendar app is really fun and simple and it gives your schedule a beautiful and creative look. This was the very reason I downloaded it instead of sticking to the calendar app that comes with my phone.

The SolCalendar app has features that are really easy to use and it also has basic reminders.

One of the reminders I was happy about when I first started using the app was the reminder to go to the gym (exercise) and eat and these two are beneficial to the mind and body. There is also a reminder to wish well to your parents and see new places. Cool right?

In the SolCalendar, there is a menu logo at the left top of the screen and if you tap on it, it shows Month, Agenda, To-Do and Calendars. The Month is where I put in all events.

* To create your schedule for a day, you can tap on the day, it expands, then you click on the pencil logo which usually stands for edit or create in any app. Tapping on that opens a page where you create.

anuli's blog sol calendar

anuli's blog sol calendar

* Here, you can pick a color and a sticker you want to represent that event. You can put in more than one event. Also, while setting the event, there is a logo with an arrow forming a circle and the number two in. Here, you set how many times you want it repeated. Either monthly, daily…the list is endless.

anuli's blog sol calendar

anuli's blog sol calendar

anuli's blog sol calendar

* Next is the timing, where you can pick if the event would take place all day or during a specific time.

anuli's blog sol calendar

* There is also the clock logo where you can select the reminders. You can choose to be reminded at three intervals.

anuli's blog sol calendar

* The Geo logo is for putting in a location. The Note Pad logo is for description and the World logo is for selecting a time zone.

anuli's blog sol calendar

anuli's blog sol calendar

anuli's blog sol calendar

The Agenda menu simply shows a summary of your activities. This way you can see it in one view.

The To-Do menu is where your daily activities go in. Everything, basic or not can go in there. Your To-Do’s can also be created while you are creating your schedules in the month section.

anuli's blog sol calendar

Lastly, the Calendars menu is where you select where you want to be reminded. Either on your phone where you get a notification or through your email. It is also where you choose where you want your calendars to be displayed; phone or email.

At the right top of the screen is a Search logo and a Settings logo. Searching allows you to locate an event and also shows the amount of times it takes place. The settings is where you make adjustments that suit you.

The SolCalendar also comes with an additional feature of weather forecast…just a precaution.

Wow…that was a lot, I hope you guys are not bored already.

The SolCalendar app can be downloaded on Google PlayStore

That would be all for now. Have a lovely weekend and do come back.

It is definitely not a fault to have more than one calendar app which you enjoy using. Tell me about them in the comment section.

               Thanks for stopping by

                               Bye 👋


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