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It Gets To Me

Hey guyss. I would say happy Wednesday but I’m not sure it’s a thing. So you must be wondering about the title, or not… So for a long time in my life, I have had the issue of worrying about things that people don’t normally worry about. I always get an anxious feeling and this feeling allows undeserving things to get to me.

* Not clear? Take for instance, a quarrel with a friend. Now it is normal to worry and get anxious when you offend a friend because you are in the wrong. But, is it normal to have that same worry/anxious feeling when that friend is in the wrong? Is it normal to feel guilty? Please correct me if I am wrong.

*Another scenario. You get into your car, driving to a certain location or  you board a bus to a certain location, especially if it is long distance and the first feeling you get is being involved in an accident. That’s not normal. Of course it is not by our power or our might but by the grace of God that we are alive, but you would think we would have confidence in that assurance that God is with us.

I have had this feeling for the longest time. I recently mentioned to my mom that I didn’t think I would ever take driving lessons and she said to me ‘Its God that keeps us all safe’. Yes I am aware of that but that does not automatically change things. Recently I have been implementing the attitude of thinking of random things when that thought comes or sometimes, I put my gospel playlist on repeat because I somehow made myself believe that that could keep me safe.

* The same applies to us going for an occasion and telling ourselves that we can’t fit in and that somehow affects things. We feel and look awkward. We feel odd and that we stand out in a not nice way.

Our openness to worry and be anxious about undeserving things, allows a lot of things to get to us because our physical, spiritual and emotional shield has been lowered…and this limits our choices and experiences.

The real question is How long will I continue to let myself worry or be anxious about these things? 

                 Thanks for stopping by.

                               Bye 👋


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