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Welcoming December || Recap of November.

Anuli's blog

Happy belated new month guyss. Its 23 days to Christmas. I’m excited, are you? Have any plans?

I feel I am royally slacking on this new month posts.

So before I start,I just want to inform you all about the recent plans I made to get in contact with everyone who liked and commented on my blog and followed my blog as well and get their views on what they like or want to see more. Good idea or nah? Let me know through your comments.

So November was one of those months I hated to let go of because it brought so many good things.

I gained 91 followers in total and it was really awesome. I am actually anticipating putting up a 100 followers post *fingers crossed*.

I discovered myself and understood my dreams/goals better and of course, the SOULCIALIZE event helped me out a lot.

I found some really helpful blogging and branding tips on Pinterest (holla through comments if you want a pinterest post).

I lost a little weight 😓, as well as relationships and a lot of instagram followers (still wondering why). Of course I’m not trying to make my success revolve around social media, but actually impacting people, but my brand does need that push from social media.

I grew a back bone, by learning to stand up for myself more.

I began making plans for blog collaborations. Already got 4 which is really exciting.

I read a lot of blogs which actually helped me with collaborations.As well as, read lots of wattpad novels.

I finished my NYSC service. Read about it here.

I am currently obsessed with Episodes and Choices. Playing the Demi game at the moment.

I developed a thing for YouTube and it is really fun.

I hope to be more exposed, leave my shell and possibly share my talent and support other peoples growth.

Also to, not think negatively and not prophecy negativity both consciously and unconsciously.

How was November for you? 

What do you hope for in December? 

       Thanks for reading, do come back.             

Share and drop comments cos I would like to hear from you.

          Check me out on social media.

                               Bye 👋


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