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Hey guyss, how are you all doing? How is the week treating you?

So, we’ve been going on for a year plus now and this post is really necessary, so get ready to find out just how weird I am. I won’t put a number on it because that will be limiting so i’ll just randomly say stuff.

Okay, ummm I yawn every time I wake up 😂😂😂😂😂. Okay now, i’ll be serious.

I wake up three to four times between the hours of 9pm and 4am for no reason and I usually go back to sleep immediately or I read a novel which would eventually make me sleep off.

When I am having a little star struck moment, I stammer a lot, like (d..d…d..d..d..) and then I just shut up and laugh really loud.

I have never had Cold Stone ice cream and burger before and I don’t see myself indulging anytime soon because I have my sight set on loosing weight.

Few days to an event or something I have planned out carefully, I always feel nervous and want to back out because I am not confident in my skin and in my interactive skills.

I always make a high pitch sound whenever someone tells me they have a new episode of the Originals.

I hate having favorites because they limit my choices.

I eat my coco pops like rice and stew. Mix a little at the side.

I love watching reality shows because after, I always want to write one of my own.

I have a dream drama series where my character is living the life I dream of.

I am silently obsessed with talk shows and late night shows and award shows.

I get greatly inspired by novels.

I envy people, I feel like I talk about that a lot on the blog and how I am progressively letting go of that. Its a process and its still ongoing.

I back out of arguments because I want to avoid contradicting myself.

When I have a quarrel with someone or when I feel like someone has wronged me, I do not look them in the eye when we have a conversation.

I can stay up all night to watch a movie.

I hate feeling belittled.

I prefer going to see a movie alone because then I do not have to feel obliged to have a conversation while the movie is going on.

I think that I will still have a lot of indecisiveness ahead regarding where I want to be because I feel I have not figured myself out.

I used to have three Wattpad accounts because I was dissatisfied with how slow things were going and now, I have deleted all of them

I used to have a few blogs before WordPress and I do not even remember the password or the platform.

When I first started on WordPress, I had no clue what I wanted to achieve. I think the reconstruction was a step into figuring things out.

I have the worst Come Back Adaptation skills. Like, I can go to school for a long time and when I return and I am surrounded by friends especially, I feel lost and like I don’t belong.

I hate people who have the means to help but don’t.

I hate helping people who after a while still expect you to spoon feed them.

I try to avoid planning outfits because it never works out most of the time.

I avoid going shopping because I feel nothing will fit.

I find it awkward consoling someone for their loss because I do not know the words to use.

When I am home alone and bored, I usually pretend I am at an interview setting where I am the guest and I usually do everything to the T’s. 😱 Wow, that was an embarrassing reveal.

I am into albums, like downloading an album on my phone or laptop because I feel me listening to a single and then going on to download the album is my way of giving the artist a chance.

I prefer doing things myself or taking over a group work (especially when everyone is doing their own thing) because that is a way I am sure I would achieve absolute pleasure with/from the results.

I take online blogging courses.

I love fruits, like all kinds and I am still yet to eat that fruit I don’t like.

I am terrified of meeting new people because I am always too cautious. Wanting to please them and not do something wrong and wanting to avoid being judged.

I have embarked on countless weight loss journey that I just quit from after tasting a forbidden fruit.

I love free stuff.

I enjoy creeping up on people because their reactions give me a good laugh.

I am currently watching Girl Code and I am loving it.

Now tell me about you. Introduce yourselves in the comment section, I’m definitely interested.


               Thanks for stopping by

                               Bye 👋



  1. Demi says:

    You neeeed to try cold stone (maybe on a cheat day) cheese cake icecream with coconut shavings 😋… I’m also like a lot of the points you mentioned especially the one about being belittled (it really sets me going 🙈)

    Liked by 1 person

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