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Album Alert

Hey guy, how have you all been doing? Good? So, you must have noticed the new feature on the blog and I know I have mentioned a few times about creating playlists from my library for you guys. Well, tone down the excitement cos it’s not that time yet :mrgreen:.

Music is a big part of my life and if I had my way, I would listen to music every single hour of the day. So, with that being said (so glad I didn’t say moving on this time…😁), with that being said, this is an alert of a new sound.

I call it a new sound instead of a new album because this is like the first official drop and although the genres in this album are trending on a reg, it has a new feel to it.

the park after dark

Cool huh? Well, that’s the album art and it is pretty artistic. The album is called The Park After Dark and it is only #120 (Nigerian currency) and can be purchased here:

It can also be downloaded here:

~ and there is a refund policy that applies if you regret the purchase. Nice huh? (I’m making a weird googly face, I promise, you do not want to see it 😂😂😂).

The album features 8 artists, 3  rappers and 6 singers. It was recorded and produced under  “Sync Park Clan(SPC)”which is an entertainment group well known in Futa, Akure.

In addition , if you seem to be having trouble downloading or purchasing, not to worry, by the end of the week, it will be available on other platforms. I will keep you updated.

the park after dark

Have a great music filled day…

                Thanks for stopping by

                               Bye 👋


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