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Weekend Tales || For The Most Part, Testing Style Waters.

Hey guys. It’s been a while and I have really missed you all. Before I start sharing, I want to apologize for missing out on my scheduled time. I am really sorry. Forgive me?

So moving on, how was your weekend? Fun or just ‘meh’? Well, mine was a daring weekend. For the most part, I was kind of leaving my comfort zone again, read about my artsy weekend here.  I had a stylish weekend, yay or nay?

My weekend started with me making plans for the GTB Fashion Weekend in Lagos, Nigeria. Some of you might be familiar with the event because it was all over social media. So by Friday, my very imaginative mind was already going through my stuff looking for something to wear and I promise I had it down but things came up, I will gist you soon… So, my sister mentioned she had a black and white kimono and you can imagine what came to mind…a polka dot kind of kimono and I decided I will pair it with a black tank top and a matching shade of black skirt with tennis shoes and a lace type choker I got at a Fashion Cookout…oops, I havent told you about that. Don’t worry, I will give some details.

So you can imagine how I felt having my outfit set, seeing as I am not so into fashion and I was going to a fashion event and I wanted to look good. So, my ‘ela’ started when my sister pulled out the kimono and I saw it was far from what I expected and that kind of turned down the hype.

The rest of my Friday, I got to spend sometime with my maternal family and it was really lovely.

Saturday came and I woke up hyped. I made up my face, really anticipating the event with a new attire picked out, only for everyone I was supposed to go with to bail on me. I felt really sad, I was even contemplating going alone but I knew I would be lost without company. Ever felt that way?

I decided that since I took a lot of time getting my face beat, I would not be so quick to wash it off so I made a lot of snapchat videos and took pictures because I looked really pretty, if I do say so myself *😁*

So, moving on, I feel like I say moving on a lot. Anyways, moving on *😒* I spent the remaining Saturday studying because I signed up for an online blogging class so that kept me occupied.

Sunday was much better. I already decided that I was going for the event and I already made sure my company would not bail this time. So after church, I got changed to my already decided attire of a little tank blue dress and a denim jacket because I am not a fan of my hands, and a pair of black flat shoes.

However, life had something else planned for me, my choker got stolen. By now you must be thinking, what is up with this girl and why all this unfortunate happenings? Believe me, I was thinking the same. I took that in good faith. I changed the dress because it looked awful and I wore my earlier black on black with the denim.

I and my friend set off. The Uber driver was really nice and kept on apologizing for traffic and stop-overs. I and my friend got there and I began to love it. I had a little star struck moment meeting Sisi Yemmie and Cassie Daves. It was all round fun.

I attended two master classes with speakers; Dylan Jones and Tracy Reese.  I learnt a lot from the sessions. Dylan discussed on how digital has taken over the world. With magazines now having websites to meet the digital audience. He also talked about the editing process in GQ and discussed the way they have improved over time. He also talked about the revolution of men’s fashion and the possibility of a woman pioneering a great male fashion line.

Tracy discussed her life before she became as recognized as she is. She pointed out that when creating a brand, the mission of the brand had to be the main focus and how every step taken had to support the mission .

She contributed that growing a brand and being a phenomenon at it also had to do with time, preparation, maturity and taking opportunities without holding anything back.

In all, it was great but the night still had a lot of surprises for me. I decided to call an Uber to get I and my friend home but they were doing this thing where the fare would be four times its normal prize. What’s up with that?

So I decided we should wait a little so it would reduce and when it did, we decided to wait so it would reduce somemore only for the rate to go really high. By this time it was getting late so we decided to get it like that but…my phone died and my friends’ had gone off halfway into the last master class session.

By now we were stuck because we didn’t know our way around. It took us a while before we were able to get a cab and things went smoothly from there. Pretty eventful huh 😒?


The Fashion Cookout took place on the 6th of November and it was kind of like the GTB Fashion Weekend where designers showcase their collections for sales, including sale of food. It was not as great but it was fun. I got accessories by (IG: @olaedom) and a cute little Ankara purse which I carried for the GTB Fashion Weekend by (IG: @rhemavilledesigns).

Anuli's Blog #gtbfashionweekend

Anuli's Blog #gtbfashionweekend

Anuli's Blog #gtbfashionweekend

Anuli's Blog #gtbfashionweekend

Breaking out of your shell and trying something new and daring? Share how you’ve fared so far.

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