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Welcoming November || Recap of October.

Hey guyys. I apologize for not putting my usual new month post yesterday. I have no excuse so please forgive my forgetfulness.

October was one of the good months for me. I felt like I got to know myself more even if I did less. I had a lot of time this month to reflect and think properly about where I want my life to be. Yesterday was a happy day for me because I gained a total of 71 followers and that means the world to me because I have not really been that person who is super confident in her abilities. So seeing that made me really happy.

October, despite it being good, had its flaws so let’s take stock.

I achieved …a desirable relationship with God. In my blog, I have mentioned a lot about how much I wanted to reconnect back with my first love. It was actually a new year resolution for 2016 which I put in a post here. It makes me really happy that I am actively working towards achieving my resolutions and not forgetting it like I normally do.

I started a novel that I intend to publish. It has been mind opening, allowing me to reach into my mind to come up with really incredible ideas and I like this side of me. I read more and it is expanding my vocabulary. I put effort into supporting bloggers like myself and I love the results so far.

I discovered what true friendship means and now I am certain I know what I want when I am making friends. I believe friendship is all about being equal in a sense with the person you put your trust in. Not being afraid to be selfish and at the same time to be selfless. Gaining more than losing with that person and being the complete version of yourself with that person, flaws and all.

Also, creating a sturdy and understanding relationship with someone I love and truly care about. Reconnecting with old friends. I also got 6 yards of Kampala as a going away present from my office, already running wild with ideas.

Leaving behind …bad habits like malice, it is not healthy. The idea that I can please everybody. Insecurity, anger (as best as I can), bitterness (we never really know how bitter we are until we see someone having even an atom of what we want).

Pursuing …being able to look the best at all times; most times I feel I do not make any effort to look good and it greatly affects my esteem. Making good friends and being 100% open (impossible but worth a try).

Listening …to Jon Bellion, like always and compilling ideas for my playlist of the month post which is a new feature I want to add to the blog. Last month also had a bit of Jon Bellion and random Nigerian artists, actually not so random but my opinion of the best.

Reading …blogs, and a lot of Wattpad. I never really read bestselling authors last month and I am not so sure about this month because my laptop is indispensable.

Watching …How To Get Away With Murder and its driving me crazy. I feel like a lawyer, an investigator and an ignorant audience at the same time.

Creating …a social media presence. It is actually more than posting pictures and tweeting. I am still learning but I promise to drop some tips.

Compiling …ideas for my novel. It is actually crazy. I have also planned a post on tips but that won’t be until I am either half way through or done.

Wearing …as many nice things as I can get my hands on. My hair in an all back style because I just don’t have the chill to make something.

Searching …for nice locations for shopping and taking pictures.

Thinking …of starting a body diary because of my next mission to work out, keep fit and be in a body that I would love *fingers crossed*.

Loving …everyone who has supported my endeavors, my family and friends and most importantly God.

What are your plans for the new month.

How was October?


               Thanks for stopping by

                              Bye  👋


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