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Weekend Tales || For The Most Part, Being Behind A Mask.

Hey guyyss, how have you been and how was your week and weekend?

My week was really stressful with my NYSC year programme coming to an end. I am excited, but as usual, the journey was not easy. The process is not usually all that great but the end always has the most emphasis.

So my weekend started out really great, with me attending my first official event in Abeokuta. I must admit, it is quite ridiculous, my time here is coming to an end and I am just begining to enjoy it.

Nigerians are not really big on the whole Halloween thing so it was pretty crazy attending one. This one was not the usual costume thing, but rather a mask party so I had on a really pretty mask and I enjoyed myself. I felt like I let loose at a point, and trust that I did that at the end. I seem to have a thing with endings.LOL. 😁😁

So the rest of my weekend was uneventful, except compiling ideas for my book, which isn’t easy. So, a stay home kinda weekend. I think that is my specialty. LOL. 😁😁

So this weekend post won’t really be blown out because I did nothing but I want to use this to express my gratitude to everyone who liked, commented on my posts and followed me. You all are awesome and everyday tops the other because I am really enjoying blogging more with you guys.

My blog has seen a lot of response from readers so far, and I am really excited about that.

Also, I feel really peaceful with my race back to my first love (Jesus Christ). A lot of emphasis has been placed on my spiritual and religious life. Everyday, I learn something new about my creator that baffles me and I do not regret embarking on this journey.

On a more serious note, I am really anxious to start with life. It is really scary, finishing a comfortable phase and being conscious of the more serious phase you are about to enter. Everyday I get really scared of my life after NYSC because it is a really serious phase and the most important because it serves a major purpose of shaping my life, so wish me good luck.

So it is officially…6 days to go … to my NYSC Passing Out Parade and I am super anxious. Also, I need help with a title for the special post for that day. Any ideas?

                 Thanks for stopping by

Have a lovely week

Bye 👋


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