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Popcorn and Chill…Tricks To Help You Choose The Perfect Movie.


Hey guysss, how are you and how has the week been? So, to share a little truth, this post was one of the difficult ones. I got the idea to do something like this a few weeks ago because I am a t.v lover but then compiling ideas was just so hard.

You might be wondering where I am going with a post like this but with experience, I know choosing a movie and regretting it after seeing it sucks a lot and it is much worse when you pay to see it, and of course, I won’t be the only one with such a problem.

Some people don’t see the impact t.v has had on individuals, but speaking from experience, I have learnt a lot, especially watching motivational movies like War Room, Woodlawn…

I have actually had time to try out the tips I am about to offer and it has worked just fine.

So for me, with movies, I follow the following steps:

1. Cast: the cast determines a lot when I want to see a movie, especially in the cinema. I feel it is safe that way when I am familiar with some of the casts, that way, I am sure I would enjoy the movie. I definitely do not miss movies with casts like Kevin Hart, Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick,  A.Y, Funke Akindele, Aubrey Plaza, Leonardo DiCaprio , Bruce Willis, Idris Alba, Liam Neeson, Forest Whitaker, Henry Cavill, Taraji P. Henson, Robert De Niro, Nse Ikpe-Etim…



It is actually also the same with trying to purchase Korean Series, for those who love kdrama. I feel it is very difficult to go wrong with kdrama series but when I am struggling, I just stick with actors like…Park Min-young, Ji Chang-wook, Kim Soo-hyun, Lee Min-ho, Lee Min-ki, Park Hae-jin…


2. Trailers. We have to admit that not all trailers really say a lot about movies but we also have to admit that some trailers are so awesome and the movies are more awesome. Trailers are a good way to determine if I would see the movie. I also do the same for Wattpad novels, cause trailers are a thing there.

3. Word of the mouth. It is really safe to see a movie where a reliable source has assured you the authencity of the movie. Movies like KingsMan: The Secret Service and Fifty (which I mentioned seeing in a post here), were awesome movies I have seen through words of the mouth.

4. Movie Series. It’s cool to watch sequels or trequels, you are certain the next would be better than the first. There are movies like Now You See Me, Harry Potter, Taken…

5. True Life Stories. Sincerely, they are the best. No one can ever go wrong with a true life story. Orchestrated stories are simply unable to capture the real essence of things compared to a true life story.

Finally, I personally make a point of avoiding movies that I have read a book of. The really deep people who read novels can never truly enjoy the movie, it kind of messes up the novel which sucks.
Before I go, I would like to express my excitement for almost getting finished with my NYSC ~ 15 days to go… I promise you guys a post on that.
What kind of movies do you like?

What do you look for when seeing a movie for the first time?


              Thanks for stopping by

                           Bye  👋


5 thoughts on “Popcorn and Chill…Tricks To Help You Choose The Perfect Movie.

  1. Adaeze says:

    I’m not a movie person, I’m allergic to popcorn…
    But I like this post 😉
    Yes I agree that watching a movie after reading the book sucks. They rarely get it right.


    • Anuli says:

      😂😂 you are officially the first person I know that is both allergic to popcorn and doesn’t watch movies. Yes watching a movie after reading the book sucks. I take it that you are a book person. Who are your favorite authors and what genre do you read? Thanks for commenting.


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