Makeup || Guest Post



Hey guys, how are you doing and how has life been treating you?

I always ask myself that, always checking to see if life has finally thrown me into a hurdle I can’t return from.

Before I divert, this guest post is actually a poem. I won’t exactly call myself a poem person or a poet. Yes, I have composed but that was way back during my secondary school days. Poems are complicated for me, most times, I miss the whole concept and the true meaning behind it but this one seemed really chill, I wasn’t lost and I smiled a few times.

A colleague of mine actually wrote this, he has been mentioned a few times in posts but he was always anonymous, but if you go way back into my posts, you might actually find his identity.  I’ll make it easier for you, he contributed to my first ever guest post.

With that said, enjoy!! 






                Thanks for stopping by

                                  Bye 👋


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