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Live In; Taking Stock Of Immediate Thoughts.

Hey guys. So to be utterly sincere, I am so lost for what to post, been joggling my mind for some inspiration but I seem to have hit a road block. So, I was scrolling through the reader feed for blogs I follow and I saw a post by a friend Lydia on the #currentlyiam and I went on instagram to check it out and it seems to have created a volume, so I will do mine, enjoy.
Currently I am…

Now; in a place I never thought I would be, literally and loving it.

Happy; I am beginning to explore and experience my adventurous side and following my instincts.

Wearing; a really comfortable birthday present and nice feeling leggings with a stolen other thing, guess…😁.

Trying; to not envy people who seem to be doing so well, especially in a field I want to excell in. I am also trying and winning to understand that with hard work comes progress, success and fulfilment.

Listening to; opera which is so weird for me, when I’ll rather listen to Jon Bellion ‘The Human Condition’.

Reading; Slither In by Hepburnettes, on Wattpad.

Watching; Fifty, which is sooo dope.

Excited to; be finished with my NYSC by November 4th, and to enter the labour market; the hustle will be real.

Determined to; make head way with my blog, and achieve things that always seem farfetched to me.

Inspired by; Lydia who inspired me to put up this post. Thanks 😁. Also, @AnnieDrea who has been a source of inspiration to me.

Wondering; why life can be so annoyingly, unpredictably hard sometimes. It really gets to me. Also, when this recess is going to end.

Hoping; to achieve my dreams and not be in a position where things that make me happy, and excelling would be something I count as a failure.

Needing; a very close relationship with God, a camera, a new memory card with a lot of memory, a new phone, a new weave…the list is endless.

Wishing; I was a genius at managing money. Having financial worries is not something to be taken lightly.

Regretting; not starting earlier, I am certain things would have been so much better, also, not being patient enough. But all the same, I am glad that I took the initiative to start, cos it’s better late than never.

Planning to; indulge in more blog related events and experience the beauty and thrill of being a blogger. It’s a really glamorous and fulfilled life when you are living your dream to the fullest.

Feeling; hungry, wonder what I will have…😑.

Compilling; ideas for my website #anticipating. Also, ideas for my book, I am really excited about that.
So once again, happy Friday and have a lovely day…💋💋💋

Thanks for stopping by.

                              Bye 👋


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