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Weekend Tales || For The Most Part, Gate Crashing.

Hey guyss, how are you all doing?

So my weekend started as early as Thursday with my monthly clearance. It was pretty eventful for me after that, with being indecisive concerning gate crashing at a wedding or attending the October 1st celebration hosted by the Governor of Ogun State.

So I pretty much decided to go for the first because I already had a dress made, well I had a hand in it, but it was not fully me.

So my plans for this Owambe were kind of on the fence and it was not concluded till the night before the wedding. The location was really far from home so I had to find somewhere close to stay.

After pretty much deciding and going through, I got drenched to the T’s by the heavy rain, and I almost got focused (Get? The whole pickpocket thing that went on there. 🙂 I am a big fan, hence the reference). I was at this point already hating the whole thing and wondering why I didn’t just go for the Independence Day celebration.

There was a plus after this though, I found an undisturbed network zone 🙌 and I got to fulfill my fetish of watching clips from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and enough network to go through my WordPress notification, thanks for the response guys!!

So in a previous Owambe post, I listed 5 steps to having the best Owambe experience. So, let’s take stock.

Have a perfect outfit laid out. I mentioned earlier that I had one made just for the wedding. Won’t say it was perfect because it was not what I had in mind, but, did I enjoy wearing it? Yes 😁.

Makeup on fleek. I am nowhere near being a professional but I said something to myself this morning after I was done, I said “I like my face 😁:mrgreen:“, well, not until I had to use my hands to peel off my fake lashes ‘first-timer’ but it still looked good. *compensation*

Good camera or camera phone. I published a post on photoapps so you can guess that I put a few of them and then some, to work ;).

Great selfie spot. Couldn’t experience this cos bad stuff just kept happening 😑😑😑. My shoe decided it was time to pull a few stunts and my back up was a pair of Dunlop slippers. I had fun with that though, because it was much more comfortable than the heels and I am all for comfortability. All good.
Great music and good food. The music for one was legit cos I am a fan-ish of live music, plus the D.J just topped it. The couple made it so much fun that I had a good time and the food? Hmmm, let’s just say I satisfied the glutton part of me. I gained 40% fat and 60% diabetes 😱😱.



My Sunday was God filled and lonely, just a typical Sunday.

In all, my weekend was stuck in between good and bad.

Did you have a fun weekend? Will love to hear about it.

                  Thanks for stopping by

                                   Bye 👋


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