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My Cassie Daves Blog Planner || Product Review.

Cassie Daves 2016 blog planner

Cassie Daves 2016 Blog Planner

Hey guys, TGIF. I am really excited even though I have nothing planned, just a stay home weekend for me. Also, for the Lagos bloggers or any blogger who can make it, I heard there is a bloggers forum at Ikoyi tomorrow. I bet it would be fun.

So I know this post is pretty much long overdue but allow me to give the excuse that I was still compiling notes for the post.

So I got my 2016 cassiedaves blog planner exactly on the 21st of August. LATE! I know, that should have been a no-no for me simply because the year was coming to an end and there would obviously be one for 2017, but if I was selling the product to you even when it was late, I would not know what to say, but for me, it was worth it.

As bloggers, we have the difficulty of scheduling because consistency is our biggest challenge. Earlier this year, I made a decision to create my own manual calendar book, it was a lot of stress but it was fun. It however, didn’t achieve the goal I wanted because I didn’t make available certain slots that would have been beneficial. I skipped a lot of things and procrastinated, even in this calendar book. Now, what’s the difference between my calendar book and the cassiedaves blog planner.

Firstly, when I got the planner, I was excited because it was and still is an anticipated product, plus getting it made me feel like a serious blogger who wanted to make big things out of her blog, so you can imagine the rush of ideas I was having. The first page made the planner personal.

Imagine opening a document with your name and your blog name on it. If someone decides to take a peek, that’s the first thing they will see, that kinda certifies it being your property.

Now, the next few pages helped me ascertain the whole essence of my blog and what I expect in the long run. The funny thing is, I didn’t hesitate when I was filling this because I already had that excitement backing me up.

The blog planner also comes with a calendar and a daily blog checklist. Now this is important for new bloggers, like me, who are still learning the ropes of a blog/blogger day to day and networking.

The planner also has beautiful quotes every new month, we all know inspiring quotes stick and go a long way. It also has an allocation for monthly goals for blogs.

Now, the blank pages between the beginning of the year and the period I bought it might have been a turn off but it wasn’t. Every blogger has a plan either personal, for the blog or his/her audience. These blank pages have served the purpose of executing my plans, and right now I am running out of space. Plus, it can serve for drafting blog posts before putting it up.

The planner also comes with a slot to keep tabs of every activity relating to your blog. It also has a perfect slot for fashion bloggers relating to certain looks they want to introduce to their audience. It also comes with a to-do list which I decided to make personal as well as use for the blog.

Finally, the blog planner comes with useful tips for blogging that have really helped me out.

In all, I am anticipating the 2017 blog planner.

Do you have a Cassie Daves blog planner?

Has it been beneficial?

Hope to get one? Here’s help.

Have a lovely weekend. What plans have you made?

                Thanks for stopping by

                                Bye, 👋


5 thoughts on “My Cassie Daves Blog Planner || Product Review.

  1. Praise Abu says:

    Hi Anuli, First time reader here and I must say I really love your content. I also enjoyed reading this review, I owe a blog planner as well so it was a lot easier for me to understand the things you typed. However, for a someone who doesn’t owe one it might be a lil difficult to get the points you stated about your planner above. You can itemized or use bullet points to make it a lot easier and more interesting.
    My Style Look Book Series

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