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Exploring Your Niche. Can’t Seem To Find It? I Think I Have Just The Thing.

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Exploring your niche

Successful leaders are almost always able to succinctly articulate what they’re good at—and why that’s valuable to their company. It’sa critical reason why they’ve gotten to where they are today. Not only have they carved out valuable niches for themselves, they’ve built their careers around those niches.      – Jo Miller.
Hey guys,I am very excited because I get to share with you guys today. I have missed you all.

So this particular post has been published before and for those who read it when it was first out, it was named Defying Your Niche but a lot of learning has actually made me realize that going beyond where you started is not defying but exploring.

Now this entire post does not solely focus on blogging but we have to admit that blogging is the most difficult yet. It has to do with a long process that involves keying into something that you can talk about forever or are anxious to divulge to as much people as possible.

So after a lot of editing, this is the end result. Enjoy…

Niche is an area of expertize or specialization. Niche is also an area of strength which is your interest. An area you can progressively research and learn extensively about.

If we look at the most successful blogs of this time, we find that they are niche blogs. Now, it is fun to have so many things going but what I learnt is that your audience gets confused when there are too many unrelated things happening on your blog and sometimes people just focus on finding something that answers their immediate need. Now my previous blog before the reconstruction was not a niche blog. I could recognize that I had too many unrelated things happening and it got tiring and I found that I could not properly describe to anyone what my blog was truly about.

There are many ways to exploring your niche and one major thing that should be known is being able to do different related things that can be taken as one and also be handled separately. 

So, taking myself for example. I love reading, I love writing, I love sharing with people aspects of my life that makes me grow because I feel it will do the same for them. Blogging gives me the ability to do all that but at the same time the concept of a niche is to focus on a specialization. So how do I grow in this or fit all this in if I plan on sticking to one niche?

Now. As a lifestyle blogger, the lifestyle feature may as well be viewed by people as a fashion feature if I am one who has excellent fashion taste and I have made it compulsory to use a personal image as the header image of every lifestyle post.

It is somewhat an unconscious thing to find interest in varying subjects but if you look deeper, you can find that there is a similar factor, key into that.

Talking to a colleague exposed a lot to me when it comes to niche and exploring it.

Niche is definitely something that seems endless, the learning experience never stops, it extensively involves passion. Some people grow into their niche and some have to find it.

Apart from the original post, I went ahead to do some research and here is what I found.
An article titled Know Your Niche: 4 Secrets for Finding Your Career SweetSpot by Jo Miller gave some  points to finding your niche or ‘sweet spot’ like she called it. These points were actually brought from the perspectives of four leaders she admires.
1. Know Your Vision, Values, and Goals.

“Establish your personal vision, values, and goals, because if you have those, you know where you want to go,”              – Romea Smith.

Knowing your vision, goals and values helps you see when there are opportunities thatfit in with that vision. It keeps youfrom going on a path that is not consistent with what you believe in.

Knowing your values insures you against poor career decisions. “If we have a clear idea of what our personal values are, then we don’t take on things that cause us to sacrifice our self esteem or integrity.”

2. Identify Your Passion and Where it Fits.

To do this, consider what you’re passionate about in your career. What tasks energize you rather than drain you? What are you working on when you get “in yourzone” or “in the flow?” What professional areas could you continue exploring without growing bored?

3. Develop Your Own Style.

“Know your strengths and develop your own style. Figure out what works for you and work to mold the process to align with your strengths. Don’t look at how others succeed and try to emulate their approach if it doesn’t play to your skills.”       – Debra Aerne.
Consider your own leadership style. Of all the techniques that exist to motivate and engage others, which come most easily to you? If you haven’t yet identified your leadership style, ask people who know you well—like your manager, mentor, or a trusted co-worker. Do you lead by making people feel like part of a team, or by appealing to each individual’s hot-button motivators? Do you lead by presenting compelling logic, or bychallenging each person to shootfor an inspiring goal?
4. Know What You’re Not Good At.

Know what you are good at and what you are not good at,”  – Jill Jones.
“Before you take a job, sit down and ask yourself, ‘What am I really, really good at and what skills do I still need to develop?’ Then ask, ‘What does the job call for, and am I a good match for that? Can I be successful?’ If it is not a good match, will you be able to developthat skill set?”If the job involves something you truly can’t—or don’t want to—develop, move on. It’s not the right one for you.

The most important thing is researching and experimenting. Find how far you can go and work through it. 

Are you a boss at growing in your area of expertise? Please share a few tips.

Has this post been helpful? Mind sharing how you intend to work through it?
Necessity is the mother of invention.

               Thanks for stopping by

                                Bye 👋


4 thoughts on “Exploring Your Niche. Can’t Seem To Find It? I Think I Have Just The Thing.

  1. Vince says:

    Thanks for the post. I like your writing style and I’m trying to start a blog myself,
    I think I may read through all your posts for some tips!

    Thank you once more.

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