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Welcoming September || Recap Of August.

Hey guys…Happy New Month. I am really excited about this month because it is one more month till the end of NYSC, Lord knows I am tired.😩

How many of you guys are excited about this new month? Bet you have a lot of things planned.

So August was a crazy month for me, it was full of exciting and sad events so let’s take stock shall we?

I achieved ~ A semblance of a close relationship with my parents. I am usually awkward when it comes to conversing with my parents lenghtly and this month, I kind of did that a lot. I started my lemon water challenge and now I am back on it, yay for me 😁😁.

I discovered buffer and pinterest and let me tell you, it is awesome!🙌. I got a new mentor and she has helped me grow a lot. I started a blog directory, which is a plan that involves visiting as many blogs as I can and kind of just being a supporter and also engaging my mind.

I got a Cassie Daves Blog Planner and it has helped a lot. I owe you guys a review. I got 53 subscribers in total and I hope to impact more people 🙏.

I was able to expose myself and my blog. I had my first blog guest post. I had my first art viewing. I made new blogger friends; Lydia, and Ayo. I also made a special friend (its a girl guys, let’s not stray ;)). I also reconnected with old friends.

I have been working on this and finally this month I was able to recognize a fault, own up to it and work towards making it right.

This month was also a first time in a long time that my parents noticed my weight loss 👍.

I learnt To ~ Put God first and a few ways to be closer to God. Also, I learnt the importance of prophecy and now every day of my life is filled with prophetic commitments. I also learnt that God works in mysterious ways.

Express myself better, speak my mind and be proud of myself and my achievements. Channel my mind and focus on things that matter.

Familiarize myself with new people. Relate with art and appreciate it.

I also learnt a few SEO tricks and blogging tips, thanks to Damie’s DiaryJeenagerLa Passion Voutee, and Cassie Daves.

I also learnt to channel my social network obsession towards positivity and growth.

I Opened Up To ~ Friendship. Confrontation in the sense that I stood against self-centered individuals and those who take advantage of other’s vulnerability. Believe it or not, I always take the cowards way out and in some cases it is not so great.

God, criticism, advice, change, new people, and Kevin Hart. His comedy is really great ☺.

Left Behind ~ Bad company, day dreaming and focused more on working towards making my life what I want it to be.

That one sin that seemed to have a hold on me. I feel at peace with that.

Hope To ~ Make relevant every journey I embark on. Start again with my weight loss 💪. Get rid of bad habits that seem difficult to shake off.

Get back on track with The Originals and be at the same stage with the rest of the world (I miss Klaus and Hope). Also hope to expose myself to honest, unique, and mind barring music.

I also hope to set up a working plan to benefit old and new subscribers and other bloggers. So help me God 🙏.

How was August for you? Any achievements? What did you let go of? How do you plan on being a better version of yourself?

               Thanks for stopping by.

                              Bye ✋


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