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4 Photo Apps That Have Helped Me Blog Better.

Hey guys. How has your week been, done anything crazy? Mine has been pretty normal.

So, if there is anything I love doing apart from composing, it’s getting to work on photo apps. I have a ton on my phone and I can go as far as saying that I have a photo app fetish.

I have found that experimenting with photo apps allows me exercise my creativity and I go as far as downloading random pictures to try out their different features and most times I use all of them at once.

So here are a few that have helped me a lot when it comes to blogging and they are in no particular order.

1. Pixlr

Pixlr has been pretty much my go-to since I started blogging. It is quite vast with a lot of features which consists of countless amount of effects and overlays and tools. I do not really bother with those, I just focus on the fonts and the double exposure tool.

The fonts are a lot and it gets tricky when you are trying to experiment. I get confused a lot but I have a few that I go to immediately (handwritten, novelty, retro and sans). Let’s just say I am still learning.

I love the double exposure tool because it allows me put two images together. Like placing one above the other. I think it is the only photo app that does that so far.

Apart from all it’s goodness, Pixlr has one flaw that I absolutely detest. It has no adjustment tool in place, after you have done a couple of editing. If after editing and you realize you want to place the text a kind of way, you have to undo it all and that never works out for me.

2. Photo Grid

So Photo Grid existed on my phone before Pixlr but it was just limited to my personal pictures. It was recently when I was having issues with Pixlr that I decided to go with Photo Grid and guess what I found? It has an adjustment tool 🙆🙆🙆. I felt really relieved after this finding so sometimes I go with it but the fonts are not that much fun to work with.


VSCO is my love because the photo quality is out of this world. I do not use the editing features because the photo quality is epic.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is a new app I discovered and it is beyond crazy. So far I have gotten around to using:

  • the total contrast filter which works like the shadow filter on instagram but it does not darken the edges like instagram does, instead it gives the entire picture a dramatic look;
  • the tune image feature which makes the image a little darker and picture perfect;
  • the grunge filter which is extremely crazy that I have no words;
  • and lens blur filter which blurs the edges unlike Photo Grid which doubles the image.

Before I leave you guys, I would very much like to drop a bonus except this is not really a photo app, more like a photo site. It is called Canva . I discovered Canva while browsing through the posts on La Passion Voutee blog. Now Canva is so cool when it comes to making header images on blog posts. It is what I used for this and if you follow me on pinterest, I used it for my art exhibition post.

Canvas like pic monkey has effects that you pay for and they are so much better looking than the free ones so I have found a way around it but that secret is for another day.

   Which photo apps have helped you so                                    far? 

   Have you used any mentioned above?            What do you like about them?

I am very glad you gave me a chance. Now, let’s chat (run wild with your comments) and do not forget to like.

Have a lovely night and a great                         weekend guys.

                Thanks for stopping by



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