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 Blogging Plans | Another Reconstruction Stunt.

Morning guys. How are you doing.
So  I know it is pretty late but I can’t sleep and I am applying the night cap tip mentioned in the guest post on 3 hacks for bloggers here, so yes I am enjoying the benefits the night/day brings.
With that being said, I decided to share with you a few blogging plans. I have learnt that it pays to be on the same page with your readers so they do not read you wrong.
A few weeks ago I posted on reconstruction, basically letting you all know that I intended to do some damage control.
The first blogging plan I hope to achieve is to set down a consistent blogging schedule. I think one enemy of bloggers is lack of consistency. This makes us loose readers and make less impact even though we have great content. So if at all we do not want readers to miss out on our wonderful posts we have to set a schedule that our readers are aware of.
So from now on, I intend to do just that. This stage is the most busy for me because I am trying to get a hang of true hustle so I am in different places and doing different things but at the same time I do not want to give up on the blogging aspect of my life which I have come to cherish. So I decided to set my posts to once a week.

Moving on, I have decided to feature guests post or anything guest related once every month and this falls under the already set one post per week.

I have also decided to make sure that I pass across something educative in every lifestyle post I put up (a few posted herehere, and here).
Now  I belive that readers are drawn to your posts when they benefit from it, including those who after two or three posts, fall in love with your style and decide to support every post you put up, I have a few and I really appreciate the love. Thank you. :)😘
The inspire week trend has been set to once a year and for the second one, I intend to add something new and also do the same with every inspire week. (You can find related posts herehereherehereherehere, and here).

I have also decided to start a Saturday Spent Series. You must have noticed a beginning in this post here.
Finally, I have decided to have an inner related post thingy going on which you would notice from this very post. I actually noticed it on the CassieDaves blog and it is a really beneficial feature.You should try it.

Also, there has been a change of name, so it has moved from Krizteeyn’s Blog to Anuli’s Blog because it is more me.
Well, that will be all for now.
Hopefully I will have good news for you guys soon, I am working on something nice.


Thank you for stopping by. If you       enjoyed this post or you have more information to contribute, don’t hesitate to like or comment. Also, do follow for more inspiring posts. I also look forward to connecting with my readers so feel free to send an email 📩  to

                           Bye!!!   👋


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