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A Karen Kingsbury Reveal

Hello readers and good morning.

I apologize for not posting in a while. I really missed you all. So I am presently reading a book. Its a trilogy actually by Karen Kingsbury. Its a three in one so you can imagine how heavy that will look. It is one book that I have cried in every chapter. It is truly emotional and an eye opener to certain things that contribute to the growth of individuals like you and I.


It is lengthly christian and seeing as I am on a journey to reconnecting back to my first love, it is highly beneficial.

Now, I do not want non-christians that read this to immediately shove it away. I am not trying to force the book on you but read it for the benefit of your personal growth.

Now. I believe every human is faced with the problem of loss, forgiveness and moving on but still cherishing beautiful memories. This book has a solution. One that will come with hard work and struggle but it will still come so give it a try.

I love you all and the weekend has begun, so have fun and make memories for Monday.


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