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Being fabulous is being extraordinary.


Being fabulous is something that can be achieved. There are many ways to being fabulous:
1. Define yourself. Do not let anyone tell you who you are. Explore the things that you want and pursue the things that make you happy. Why would you spend time trying to be someone you’re not and doing a whole bunch of stuff you don’t like doing? It’s a waste of your life! You should find who you are and what makes you happy and forget about everything else. Don’t worry. You’ll find a place for you.

A good way to go about discovering yourself is to volunteer. Help people that are in a really tough situation that you identify with. This will go a long way towards helping you discover yourself.

Another way to learn about yourself is to travel. Go somewhere really far away where people are very different than you and you’ll learn a lot about who you are as a person. It will also make you more confident!

2. Have lots of energy. The really fabulous people aren’t laid back, hang out on the couch and watch re-runs of their favorite series kind of people( of course there is nothing wrong with that). They are the get out there and enjoy their life kind of people! Mingle with people totally different from you. Meet people who will benefit your life positively. Expand your person. This is a good way to expand your knowledge of the world and the people in it.

3. Express your emotions. The truly fabulous are not afraid to express their emotions. Share the experience of being human with everyone around you, revel in the ups and downs of life, by never being afraid to show exactly how you feel about what’s going on. Humans are emotional creatures and holding all that in can be really unhealthy.

4. Dress to show others you know what you got. Your clothing should always be fab-u-lous! Dress loud and proud, choosing colors and styles that make you happy and express who you are. The brighter the colors, the better! You should use your clothing to announce to the world that you are here and ready to be worshiped. LOL. Simply, dress the way you want to be addressed. Dress fabulous so as to be addressed as an extraordinary individual.

5. Love yourself. No one is going to think you’re fabulous if you don’t think you’re fabulous. You need to start by leaving behind all of the self-critical behavior and self-doubt. You’re an awesome person, even if you don’t always feel like it. Give yourself a hug, buy yourself a nice present, and take yourself on a date to that lovely place you have always wanted to go, because you are worth it!

If there’s something you really don’t like about yourself, then fix it! Sure, it might be kind of difficult, but who says Rome was built in a day?

6. Get your beauty sleep. You can’t rock the world with your awesomeness if you’re tired and haggard looking! Beauty sleep really does make you more beautiful, so get in your 8 hours. In the mean time, you can strut your stuff in Dreamland.

7. Let people enjoy you. If you really want to be fabulous, you have to like people. And you have to spend time with people. You need to give them the opportunity to enjoy everything you have to offer in life, so get out there and be sociable. Hang out with friends, and find other great ways to spend time with people and make new friends.

8. Watch out for your own. As a fabulous diva, you will be expected to watch out for your friends, family, and others among your subjects and peers of fabulosity. Help people, defend them against critics, and let them discover their own inner divas. Bring out the best in them, because that is the most important job of The Fabulous One. Do not step on your friends just to prove how fabulous you are. No one likes a back-stabber.

9. Command attention. You wouldn’t want anyone to miss a single moment of the performance that is your life. What a terrible fate for them! Command attention no matter where you are in order to be sure that you are in control and driving the show. This doesn’t mean making a scene and throwing a tantrum. No, you should command attention by being vocal (but not loud), making eye contact with people, and bleeding confidence out of every pore.

10. Don’t take anyone’s bull. You’re too fabulous for people to waste your time with stupid ideas, hateful speech, or whiny attitudes. If someone around you is really negative and going around starting drama, stop hanging out with them. Ain’t nobody got time for that. There’re places to be and things to do!

11. Get your way. Your way is the right way, so get it. Usually you can get your way simply by being stubborn and standing by your principles and ideas. However, it can’t hurt to get really good an arguing and convincing people of things. Sounding confident and like you know what you’re talking about will also help you get your way. Also, sometimes you might be wrong, so please, taking corrections isn’t going to make you less fabulous. In fact, it will make you more.

12. Keep everyone laughing. Another important duty of The Fabulous One is to keep everyone happy and stress free by bringing the laughs. Help people by finding the humor in tough situations. Practice your snappy comebacks and clever one liners, so that you’re ready when the time comes.

13. Experience life. You want your life to be as fabulous as you are so get out there and do things. If you don’t want to work some 9-5 in an office, find a job that better suits you. Go to school for the things you love and get a career you won’t hate in 20 years. Travel! See the world and learn fab from the best!

14. Take risks. If you really want to live a fabulous life, it’s going to mean living without fear and a healthy willingness to take risks. You can’t just sit around doing the same things you always do. The best things in life are achieved when you get out there and do things that might not turn out. Forgo the sure bet in favor of the new experience.

15. Set the trends. Instead of just following all the trends, you want to try to set them. This means being original and unafraid. Use those unique experiences you got while taking risks to bring new experiences to others. Be unique but wonderful and tasteful in everything you do and you will start trends.

16. Maintain a soundtrack to your life. Cultivate a playlist that is the soundtrack to your life. Listen to songs when you are happy, sad, or angry, and have a go-to song for when you want to make yourself feel even more awesome than you already are. For those who really enjoy music, this is a great suggestion.

17. Keep it real. You don’t need to be a jerk to people but you should tell it like it is. Avoid being super insulting but call people out when they’re being jerks or doing things that are bad. Politeness isn’t going to help anyone if people are doing harmful things.

18. Great Etiquette. Maintain good etiquette. This speaks more of your person than you yourself.

Additionally, here are 4 reasons why you are fabulous: You Are Where You Are, You Are Who You Are, You Are When You Are, and You Are Who You Are Becoming.

I will end by saying this.
You all are fabulous for being a part of this inspire week. Sadly, today marks the end of the inspire week. I had fun and I learnt a lot. I appreciate your support and I love you for being there from day one till this very day.

Do you know what will make this more fabulous? Hearing from you. I really look forward to interacting with my readers.



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