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Hello readers, and welcome to the day four of the inspire weekBE INSPIRED.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Inner beauty should trump outer beauty.

Being beautiful is almost as difficult as finding true love. I believe every kind of human has the problem of being beautiful not only to the world but to themselves. Being beautiful to the world is either being solved by looking good, but how do you feel when it is left to no one but you?

I asked a friend ‘why do people emphasize mostly on outer beauty and neglect inner beauty?’ But she just shrugged and mumbled something that went to the wind.

Kahlil Gibran said

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

I read an article by Barrie Davenport on  How to Embrace Your True Beauty (Not the Media’s Ideal). She shared a story that captures the one problem that the society has posed to individuals about beauty. She said something,

Even though I was feeling young and beautiful and carefree on the inside, my own distorted self-perceptions around aging and appearance quickly brought me back to the reality of who I was on the outside and how I was supposed to behave.

This article talked deeply about the issues the society poses, especially the media, to inner beauty.

In our youth and beauty-obsessed culture, every time we open a magazine, turn on the TV, or drive past a billboard, we see how far our personal reality is from the standard perpetuated by the media. These messages were obviously entrenched in me, but I didn’t truly wake up to it until I applied the harsh judgment to myself.

Was I really going to allow these messages to keep me from feeling beautiful and carefree? And more importantly, as my physical appearance continues to change, is my self-worth going to diminish more and more over time because society tells me I’m no longer relevant?

These images and messages don’t just affect those pushing forty or beyond. Young women in today’s culture see more images of exceptionally beautiful women in one day than our mothers saw throughout their entire teenage years. It’s no wonder that eight out of ten women are dissatisfied with their appearance.

We should also know that this is not only a female issue. Men also have high levels of anxiety about their bodies with some resorting to compulsive exercise, strict diets, laxatives or making themselves sick in an attempt to lose weight or get toned.

Simply put, we are obsessed with beauty and appearance. And it’s not just an issue of aging. Nearly all of us are impacted by feelings of unworthiness related to our looks. The levels of attractiveness promoted by the media are achievable by less than 2 percent of the population. The beauty elite are dictating the standards for the masses.

As someone who is plus size, I face the problem of how my extra fat makes me look to the world half of the time I am awake. I have this inner feeling that my extra weight makes me imperfect, that it restricts me from doing and achieving the things I would have if I was a little skinny. The real question is, does it really go away; the insecurity, when you actually loose weight?

Low self-esteem is not something that can be solved by merely looking better and taking a few self-esteem classes, it can solve a little but something as simple as a snide comment brings it all back, and how bad will it be the second time?

Barrie Davenport in her article mentioned a Beauty Revolution. Where we made true beauty be defined by who we are rather than how we look?

We do not need to start rallies. It all begins with us. With how we dwell more on things that make us feel beautiful, experiences that give our heart joy, spend time with people that make us feel beautiful, stop the struggle with ourselves, take care of ourselves, acknowledge that from time to time we might worry about how beautiful we look but note the traits we have that make us beautiful. Then going further to impact other people can be taken up when we have truly achieved making ourselves beautiful.

Outer beauty is necessary in all this. I am not focusing on inner beauty because I feel outer beauty is too much of a bother. You know the saying “first impression matters” well it does. It last longer than the second or third, if we are ever given a second chance. But the thing about these impressions is that they are mostly decided by our outerlook. Some people dwell more on the physical, being interested in what they only see, thereby missing out on a great person. So we should take care of ourselves. Just as we build our inner beauty, we should also get ourselves to look beautiful, the way we perceive, on the outside.

I will end with a quote.

true beauty comes from living fully, being who I am, and experiencing the beauty all around me.

Barrie Davenport.

Thank you all for being a part of this. Remember I would love to hear from you. Feel free to comment and if you are uncomfortable with that you can send me an email with ‘inspireweek’ as the subject.


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