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Hello readers and welcome to day three of the inspire week.

Embrace Your Awesomeness.

love the life you live.
live the life you love.

Bob Marley.

Most people have this belief that their imperfections make them less awesome but ;It’s the imperfections that make things beautiful.
Jenny Han.

Being ourselves is one step to being awesome. Loving ourselves and who we are is one way to be awesome and embracing our awesomeness.

Ted Winkworth wrote an article on The 10 Commandments Of Being Awesome. Here a few and the others, I do not agree with.
1.Say YES to new things.
It is always fun to give new things a try. It might end up smacking your face in the end but the opportunity to add something new to your experience is not something to pass up. This is definitely something I need to try too. Qudos to all of us who are willing to give this a try.

2. Don’t take criticism personally.
This is something we individuals need to learn to accept. Most people tend to take other’s views of their works to heart. Most times we tend to take criticisms too personal when we believe our opinion is the only right one. A student of life said “an idiot is one who thinks his/her own opinion is always the right one”.

2. Embrace failure.
Failure is inevitable. It is a step that needs to be experienced to achieve success. I believe a human never knows the true worth of his success if he has never struggled with stumbling blocks and overcame it. So we should embrace failure; not dwell on it, strategize and get over it standing on top.

3. Help others instead of yourself.
This goes in different ways. Helping others instead of ourselves is not something to be done without wisdom. There is also something called an appreciation box where the more we appreciate people for their good deeds the more we get appreciated. Of course, we need to get over envy to achieve that.
Helping others involves us having enough to help ourselves and others. This can be achieved with the application of wisdom.

So that is pretty much it. I apologize for the short post. I would appreciate to hear from you through comments. Hear of how awesome you feel you are and the new things you have tried and many more adventures. I love you guys and thanks for the support so far. Looking forward to four more days of inspiration.


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