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There are 5 steps to having the best Owambe experience:
1.  Have a perfect outfit laid out.
2.  Makeup on fleek.
3.  Good camera or camera phone.
4.  Great selfie spot.
5.  Great music and good food.

The 21st of May marked my fourth Owambe experience this year and the past three were all ‘meh’. Of course, I was hoping I could live the dream with this one but well “we can’t always get what we want”.

That morning I got my dress delivered by my tailor. I was going for a skater-like gown but what I got was not directly it.   Considering I had a few hours till the event I thought it could be fixed and right I was. A few hours to the time my tailor came with the correct style after a few adjustments. I was glad. The first step was achieved.

The second step was no where close because I do my makeup myself and I am a beginner so I just took that in good faith.  No one would know me at the wedding expect the person that invited me.

The third step was a definite fail because I don’t own a camera and PHCN refused to give us light so my phone had been dead for 24 hours straight but God sent help and I was able to charge for a few hours.

The fourth step was not so good. Well, it was not good at all but oh well, what can a girl do but improvise?

The last step was also a fail. No music. Rain fell heavily and since it was an open party we had to run for cover, atleast the food was great, I got to have ‘amala and ewedu’.

Despite this half failed experience I had fun and I got to take new memories. It’s always a joy.



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