An Easter Spent | Being Bored.

Hello lovelies,
Since I am all about sharing and inspiring, I decided to let you in on how I spent the Easter holiday.

onewordtodescribeit: BORING – ish.

At the beginning it wasn’t because I was excited about having the house to myself since my roomie was going to her Parents’.

There wasn’t anything special planned,  just the solitude was pleasing but that plesure did not last for long. I ate twice as much, probably added 100 kg and I rewatched movies I had seen a gazillion times.

Not like there is anything wrong with reliving beautiful movies and their epic moments but let’s face it, it gets really tiring.

So details…the Easter holiday started on Thursday and I wasn’t home alone till Saturday.

A lot of rumours which I have now confirmed to be nothing but went round on Thursday…from corpers head count to environmental, yes I was scared, I didn’t have money to pay for any fine so I stayed put.

Thursday I left the office a little earlier than scheduled. I went home to no Iight so I dozed off till they brought it. Of course I did my happy dance,  it was called for.

Friday,  I stayed home all day, played ludo by myself while my roomie shook her head at how crazy I looked. Watched a series when the light came and dozed off.

Saturday, I went to do “mogbomoya” without actually eating. It was fun because lets face it…every Yoruba traditional wedding is fun.

After that I saw my roomie off to the nearest bustop and went home and well another eventful thing took place…so, I was crossing the road when a woman thought it would be nice to step on me. The slippers fell off and cut but it was fixable but the whole going back to the middle of the road to get my slippers was annoying and I had to stand by the side to fix it. After that nothing much happened, just got beat by the rain but no hard feelings…I got to take an inspiring picture and I ate an amazing meal. Yum Yum. 😋


Sunday as at 9:30 I was contemplating going to church which I later did go to and it was awesome if you exclude the security because of Former President Obasanjo, he attends the church. I walked home afterwards and slept till I was tired of the no light situation and had to get someone to fix it. BOSS 😎

Monday, I planned on staying in but then,  a goat came and I had fun cooking and eating it and my roomie surprised me with her return, we planned Tuesday morning. She had quite a tale (not good) though and I was glad she was okay and well now…(2: 21 am), I am blogging and making video slides for the Instagram notification thingy that I truly do not see the need for but well, I would take any opportunity to be creative.

Thanks for reading. Hope I bored you enough…😌


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