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So I am having a blast at the watch night service at my church and I got to thinking and I realized that although things were rough, the only consistent thing this year was that I always woke up to a new day. Now, I don’t know if that is something to go crazy about in your book, but in mine, it is pretty awesome.

I also realized that it is the achievement of the smallest things that gives a sense of fulfilment. Well, that’s the case for me. Taking my WordPress for example, I officially started out earlier this year and I had no idea how to go about things. All I knew was that I wanted to write and express myself. So, I started with random posts, to a post a day, to few a day and people began to read this, they went further to like and comment and every word and every like made my day and now, they all add up to make a great WordPress year for me.


Just to get this off my mind, I sincerely feel that making up your new year resolution a day before the end of the year definitely makes it incomplete, it is just like packing a bag for a trip a day before the trip, you are definitely bound to forget something as small as a toothbrush. Not judging, it is the same for me, I made up my resolution few weeks ago which is why (I forgot my toothbrush and I can’t seem to remember where I dropped it).

I am going to share my resolution, because I would definitely be challenged to actually carry it out because there are a lot of witnesses who would actually be interested in finding out if I actually did it. Of course there would be no actual proof if all I will do is update about it but lying would be a loss for me and no one else, so here goes:

*Create a strong relationship with my first love.

*Achieve the most challenging thing yet.

*Treasure friendship.

*Overcome my phobia of people.

*Plan a week and follow through.

*Overcome my fear of making mistakes and try to learn from them.

*Make someone feel special and loved.

*Complete one of my books.

*Read 30 books by Nora Roberts.

*Live a little. Extract myself from my comfort zone.

*Spend on myself without bothering about the price.

*Create a tradition to share with my friends.

*Impact a life.

*Focus on that one thing that makes me happy and makes me feel fulfilled.



               HAPPY NEW YEAR. 


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